1 Night Intensive with Casting Director Donna McKenna

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October 24th 6:30pm work with Casting Director Donna McKenna.  This is a specially-formatted class designed by the CD to work on your choices and ability to take direction, which are two crucial talents for an auditioning actor.

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The one night intensive is held at Ripley Grier Studios 520 8th Avenue.

The class is designed for all acting skill levels.  Actors will be paired off and given sides for this class by Donna. It will be a two-person iconic scene in which you get to play both roles. In the first round you will perform the role with your choices, then switch roles, and Donna will set up the scene and the characters. You will then do the scene again under the CD’s direction.   The seminar is between 1.5 hours to two hours depending on class size.

Currently, Donna is interested in meeting talent of all types and ethnicities 18+ for current and future projects. Her office is known for calling in actors directly and they’ve booked too!

With over 17 years experience in the film and television industry, Donna McKenna is an established international casting director and independent film producer who has worked with many award winning actors from film, television and stage.

Donna has been responsible for casting and producing more than 27 independent feature films and 12 short films. She has also been the casting director on numerous music videos, cable commercials, print jobs, internet spots, industrial and webisodes. Donna is the casting director for 4 media production companies too.

She is known for discovering unique new talent as well as recognizing the seasoned professionals whom have the desire to take risks and play against type. When Donna is casting a role it does not make a difference to her if an actor is union or non-union, if they have talent and are right for the role she will cast them. To date she has been responsible for 93 non-union actors becoming SAG.


NYCastings.com does not attempt to procure or promise employment, this is strictly an educational experience.

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