Josh  McBride
Ht: 6' 4" Wt: 210 lbs.
Suit: 46L   Shirt: Large  
Waist: 36   Inseam: 32  
Shoe: 14
Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde
Josh McBride 781.910.4593 Height: 6'4; Weight: 220 lbs Hair: Blonde; Eyes: Blue
Stock Photography(film) Principle Bob Scott/Getty Images
The Great Debaters Extra Denzel Washington/Marshall Productions
Restraint Video Principle HCPro Inc.
New Principle Counter Productions
Coldplay Music Video Competition Principle Nathaniel Baran
Hosting Videos Host DigitView.Com Lead Dir. Arno Kuhlein
Remedial Attraction- Dean(supporting) F. R. Perro Product.
Total Resolution Bret(supporting) Moon Drop Studios
Common Ave-TV SHOW Lead(reoccuring) Xy Tv Productions
Mirror Mirror Keith(principle) Rock Productions
Spaghetti and Matzo. Bully(Supporting) Maven Productions
Boston Globe Sports Arguer Boston Globe
McKinsey & Company Lead John Neitzel/NYC
Lean Pockets Print Model Animated Storyboards
Johnny Rockets Promo Promo Model Cornerstone Promotions
Heinz Ketchup Model/Actor Animated Storyboards
Minuteman Press Print Model Cameron Advertising
ClearVision Optical Print Model Photographer: Ana Scheckler
IParty Runway Model Iparty Inc.
Feed Your Kids Well Model John Wiley& Sons
Method Promo. Model Promo Advertising
Riot Web Promo Model Look Look Inc.
Casual Male Big and Fit Model Fit Modeling
Harrassment Trainings Lead KGA Inc.
Concord Youth Theate Many roles(Lead) Concord Youth Theath
Pinocchio Maestro Cherry(Lead) Alyson Brown
Various Commercials Voice Over Citadel Broadcasting
Covered with Josh Host Greater Media Boston
ESL Project Voice Over Nesson Media Boston Inc
Voice  Over-  Private/  Andrea  Loretz  Frey
Auditioning  Techniques-  Private/  Tom  Kemp/  CP  CASTING
Boston  Casting,  Acting  for  Teens  On  Camera/  Kate  Adamson
Senior,  Lexington  High  School,  Lexington,  MA
Improv,  Sandy  Dimartino,  Lexington  High  School
Art  of  Theatre,  Sandy  Dimartino,  Lexington  High  School
Introduction  to  Television  Production,  Wendy  W
Languages  (English,  Spanish,  American  Sign  Language),  swimming,  tennis,  piano,  DJ,  biking,  loves  little  kids,  can  type  fast,  taken  few  hip  hop  classes,  people  person,  good  sense  of  humor,  jet  ski,  ATVs,  horseback  ride