Karen  Goeller
Height   :    5'  3''       Weight :    126
Eyes :   Green   Hair :   Brown
Bust :   34C   Waist :   27
Hips :   36   Shoe :   7.5-8
Dress :   4          

Primary: 908.278.3756
Karen a member of NYWIFT. She is most often cast as a lawyer, detective, FBI Agent, college professor/teacher, doctor, reporter, or wife. You can cast her according to special abilities as well. Please keep her in mind for day player, supporting, and stand-in roles. Special Ability: Precision Driver, Ballroom Dancer waltz, foxtrot, tango, quickstep, viennese waltz, cha-cha, hustle, Gymnastics Coach, CSCS-Strength Coach, Fitness Trainer, Pharmacy Technician, physical therapy. Karen's reel, credits, and more photos are on her IMDB page, www.IMDB.me/karengoeller

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Various  Acting  and  Stand-In  seminars  at  Actors  Connection,  NY  Castings,  and  other  studios.
BA  History,  CUNY:  Staten  Island,  1998 
AS  Physical  Therapy,  CUNY:  Kingsborough,  1986  (Deans  List)
Health/Nutrition,  CUNY:  Brooklyn,  1986-1988  (6  credits  shy  of  BS  in  Nutrition,  program  ended.)
NYPD:  1986-1988  (Police  Academy,  63rd  Pct,  Precision  Driving-EVOC)
NYS-EMT:  1991-1996
One  year  of  law  school,  1998-1999.
SPECIAL SKILLS Precision  Driver,  Strength  Coach  (CSCS),  Gymnastics  Coach,  Fitness  Trainer,  Ballroom  Dancer,  former  NYPD.

Tango  (International  and  American),  Waltz  (International  and  American),  Foxtrot  (International  and  American),  Quickstep  (International),  Viennese  Waltz  (International)
Also  Hustle,  Cha-Cha,  Ballet

Author/Writer,  Host  Events,  Trade  Shows,  Promotional  Work,  Brand  Ambassador/Equipment  Dealer

Sports/Dance  Listed,  Boat  Driving,  Biking,  Road  Driving  (Manual/Stick/5  Speed)

NYPD  EVOC  Course  (Patrol  and  Precision)  in  NYPD  Police  Academy,  4WD,  Stick  Shift  over  500,000  miles,  classic  cars,  drove  ambulance  as  EMT  in  1990's.

Badminton,  Boating,  Body  Building,  Canoeing,  Drive  a  Boat,  Frisbee,  Gymnastics  Coach  30  years,  Handball,  Hiking,  Ping  Pong,  Racquetball,  Softball,  Tennis,  Weight  Lifter,  Swimming,  Tae  Kwon  Do,  Sprint,  Cycling  (Mt  Bike,  General)

Large  social  media  following:  Linked_in,  facebook,  twitter,  instagram.
Have  ballroom  competition  gown,  ballroom  practice  attire.
Have  suits,  professional  wardrobe.
Have  car:  2009  Honda  Civic,  dark  grey,  excellent  condition.
Have  dog:  greyhound,  60lbs,  black  with  white  chest.
Sports  Performance  Coach:  Train  athletes  for  performance,  for  injury  rehab.  Pro  Member  NSCA  since  2009 
Gymnastics  Coach,  Pro  Member  USAG  since  1984
Personal  Fitness  Trainer
Author/Writer:  fitness,  health,  and  gymnastics  books,  articles,  and  training  programs
Public  speaking  and  presentations,  including  USA  Gymnastics  and  NSCA.
Former  NYPD,  Precision  Driver  (EVOC  Course)
Former  EMT