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Noelle McKenzie

Feeling very grateful because this has been a busy summer for me thus far!! Last week I shot a commercial for Bonefish Grill and worked on another project for Evernote. I also booked a print job with Good Housekeeping Magazine! I had a callback this week for Smirnoff and Hanes! I also shot a campaign last month for Depends, and shot the cover of Runner's World September issue! Earlier this month I also shot again for Nike's Instagram. This week I shot a scene in a new Bollywood film and this weekend I'm filming in a web series. I'm also going to be starring as the LEAD in a new mini pilot! I can definitely say I'm keeping busy this season! =)

Connor Keegan Dosch

NYCastings is awesome! I have booked several roles through your listings! To name a few: I auditioned for and was selected in the following roles: Investgation Discovery, I played the son, Andrew in the Woodchipper Murder case, I have been cast as A teen vampire for upcoming short film, played a young man in a coming of age film, auditioned for & was cast as a Christian teen boy in another upcoming film, I was cast in a cell phone device commercial, was cast in a music video for Oh, Honey, signed with Atlantic Record label and was featured in a Couture Confidence Camp Print Brochure! I also worked on the great Gilly Hopkins and met Sophie Nielese! I am also auditioning today & tomorrow for two upcoming short films! I love NYCastings!! I have been working steadily since February and hope to get more featured/lead roles soon! I am also seeking legit and film representation.

J.W. Harvey

Thanks to NYcastings, 2014 has been my most successful year yet! In addition to booking incredible, diverse material for my demo reel with short films & student films,I have gotten exposure--and a nice chunk of change--from print projects. NYcastings has opened doors to meet with several agents that I am now freelancing with -- even from projects I didn't booked, my submissions lead to agents asking me to meet with them. And, of course, the free NYcastings showcases have been both great networking AND great learning experiences. I can't wait for the next ones!

Chuk Obasi

Thank you NYCastings, I've been a member for about a year now, possibly more, and while I am telling a booking story for the first time, I can say that over the past year or so I have certainly booked enough work to make my NYCastings investment worthwhile. Work has ranged from theatre projects to background work, 1-day gigs to 6-month gigs... and while I am beginning to actively search for an agent, I feel like my own agent in the meantime. My most recent booking was as a party guest in a music video - just booked yesterday! I look forward to sharing stories more often now, thanks again. - Chuk

Danielle-Shani Daniels

Hello: I am gearing up to shoot a short film that has now became a feature called Insanity Cries. I play lead role. I received this opportunity through NY castings an look forward to expanding my brand through this great website!

Noelle Loizos

Just booked 4 comedic shorts with IamMetalRabbit short comedy films! Looking forward to show casing my work and using my improv skills to add my personal touch!

Cindy Alvarez

Good Morning.... I recently was part of a commercial for a SKIN care cream call Neutratone..... I am be glad and honor to be prt of and amazing cast and amazining product.... Thank you to Neutraton cast and thank you to NYC....

Majdi Alghader

Hi there: I joined NYCasting since almost 18 months ago and seriously it has been the best experience I have ever had in my career. I have been booked many times and actually most of my works on my resume is from NYcasting. I have been booked for 12 times (paid/ nonpaid projects). The most important 2 roles I have got from NYcasting were Abuzubayda in the featured documentary film Silenced by the oscar nominated director( James Spione) which was premiered 3 time in TriBeCa Film Festival and Hot Docs festival in Canada besidesmy role ( Carlos ) in a promotional video for a new software IBM. In addition to many student films, web series and music videos... Good job guys and I appreciate your effort in offering chances to new talents. Thanks a lot

Danny Kaplan

I just became a part of DDO Artists Agency's roster by submitting myself on NYCastings.

Katie Vincent

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that NyCastings has been a huge success for me. I haven't reported any projects that I've gotten from you guys within the past year, but this is long overdue. Even within the past two weeks I got cast in a series of comedic shorts for and I just got cast today as a lead in the feature film 'Letter For Emily'. I'll also be shooting in august another feature I got through here, 'Before The Snow', AND another feature I go through here will be premiering in the next couple months called 'BadPuss: A Popumentary'. I could go on (Yes! There is more!), but you get the picture! Thanks guys! I really do appreciate your service.

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