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Alexis Batten

Thank you NYCastings. I was cast for my first paying job and invited for an interview with a talent agent just after a few submission on NYCastings. Alexis Batten

Darnell Dudley

Hello, My name is Darnell Dudley, I'm 15 years old a and an actor from New York City. I recently just started acting seriously this year. Ever since I applied to NYCastings I have been getting auditions almost every week. Also the classes they offer are excellent, with the help of NYCastings, I booked a job to be a Spokesmodel for a really cool app!! This could really be my big break! THANKS NYCASTINGS! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST !!!!


Today I appeared as Magazine Cartoonist Bill Stagg, in the Feature Film entitled, "Invisible Ink", a story of a young woman trying to break into the male dominated profession. The Producer Virginia Lloyd, and Director Nate Neal, and the entire production crew were great. Needless to say, my fellow actors created an air of commradery that was special. Thank you NY Casting.

Ashley Blankenship

Thanks to NYCastings I have received multiple jobs and had meetings with great agencies! I recently went to an agency showcase they were offering and had a meeting with David Mcdermott of JGD (Jordan, Gill & Dornbaums's)-after my meeting I am now freelancing with JGD- all thanks to NY Castings- and it was FREE! I have received several jobs from NY CASTINGS in all areas- film, tv, commercial, print, fit - you name it -THANK YOU NY CASTINGS -YOU ROCK!

Nickole Karpenko

NYCastings is an amazing site. When I first started acting I did not have any on set experience. Since joining NYCastings in March I have done a lot of background work in music videos,short films, and feature films which gave me the on-set experience I needed. I have also got calls for auditions that I would have never known about with out NYCastings. Recently I got cast as a supporting character in a short film and got bumped up to the leading character. I couldn't be happier persuing my passion and I am thankful for the opportunities through NYCastings.

Frank Thon

My name is Frank Thon. I am an actor from NJ with a dream of becoming a soap opera star. Writing that now seems kinda funny..anyway. After doing some theater my fellow actors talked me into going into television and movies. I didn't know how to go about it and I did some research online. I saw your business ( NYCastings ) and decided to join and see what happens.. It wasn't even a week and I was getting work. Sometimes back to back bookings. One of my background gigs , "Rescue Me "saw me in the crowd and asked to speak with me alone. They explained why they pulled me to the side and asked me if I'd be interested in playing the role of Johnny Bohanning. Of course I said yes! They treated me like family. Although it was a Very small thing ,it looked great on my resume. This also happened to me on " A Person Of Interest " and Pan Am . All because of NYCastings. I just wanted to Thank YOU and say that I don't think this could've happened with out NYCastings. All the best Frank Thon

Dustin Kim

I recently booked a job through NYCastings for Jersey City's Tourism ad campaign. I was greeted with professionalism as soon as I arrived on set and had an awesome experience in representing Jersey City. Everyone including the stylist, makeup artist, photographer, etc. all contributed to a successful representation of one of Jersey City's cultural hotspots at 'Taqueria' on Grove Street. Overall, I had a great time meeting, talking, eating, and dancing with my fellow cast members and looking forward to more opportunities presented by NYCastings.

Enrique Gonzalez

Hey y'all, So I recently booked the role of Detective Chavez in the feature film, "Project Meridiem." Espiritu Films has put together a rather awesome cast for this project and I'm excited to work with everyone! Enrique

Kayla Leasure

After taking Harley Kaplan's Acting in Horror Film class at NYCastings I auditioned for award winning NYC writer-director David Spaltro ("Things I Don't Understand", "...Around") and booked the supporting role of KEELY in his new horror feature film, "...In the Dark", slated to shoot this October in NYC. I LOVED Harley's class and everyone at NYCastings was so nice and fun to work with! Apparitions (2015) (Imdb is currently in the process of updating the title change).

Karen Stefano

Hi, I just want to say thanks to NYCastings I was able to submit my headshot and resume for a theater project. Not only did I book the job, I will be performing at none other than Carnegie Hall this October. I know I wouldn't have gotten this audition if I hadn't signed on with NYCastings. So a great big THANKS again. I have gotten things thru you but this is a big one.

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