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These pages contain a short list of Recent Bookings from Talent using If you wish to add your recent booking information please click here to send to us.

Cain Casting

Luke B. landed a very featured role as the "Chopstick Kid" opposite Sarah Silverman in the feature film "I Smile Back." Thanks,!

Adam P. Murphy

Just snagged another voice-over job through nycastings for a start-up production company's explainer video. I love this site!

Tatiana Junqueira

I was recently cast through as a waitress for the background in the tv pilot show, Irreversible. During the shoot, I was promoted to a featured role, serving the leads, including David Schwimmer! Considering my old crush on Ross from Friends, this was an experience I will never forget! - Tatiana Junqueira

Leila Jean Davis

Thank you NY Castings for all the awesome roles this past year - too many to list! And, your professionally formatted Resumes give me a leg-up with the Casting Directors and production teams. Keep up the great work - we Love your site! Leila

Cindy Alvarez

Sterling and Sore optical. Amazing experiance been with NY casting for many, many years...... love NYCasting

Emma McBride

Emma just Booked a part in I Smile Back, Feature Film. Director, Adam Salky, staring Sarah Silverman, comedian, Terry Kinney. Thank you, NYCastings.

Torkom Movsesiyan

I submitted myself through for a voice-over on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and booked the job, where I played former President Gorbachaev. Because Jon Stewart liked my voice-over in English with a Russian accent, the producer of the show invited me to record another voice-over next day, where I played a Russian tourist for the Olympic games in Sochi. That job helped me join SAG-AFTRA.

Joyce Elwick

I highly recommend this service because the job postings are always quality professional gigs. Because of NYCastings, I booked work on Blue Bloods in an undercover police officer scene, & was able to use the footage in my new reel. Thanks NYCastings! -Joyce Elwick

Jennifer Gegan

I recently booked the lead in a feature film. I was also offered representation by a print agency from NYCastings. Thank you NYCastings!!

LaToya Franklyn

I am now freelancing with CESD after submitting to them on NYCastings. Thanks for the opportunity!

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