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joanne Edley

Hey There I have been booking infomercial after infomercial . Literally has been one a month . Thank you NY Castings. I think its going to be a great year! Thanks so much Joanne

sheila Rivera

On my recent booking I had auditioned for a feature film and one of the warner brother executives happened to auditioned me by surprise. It was my first casting call since I joined NYCasting and It was an awesome experience. I was also just booked for an international hair show coming up in march ! Thank you NYCASTINGS, You guys are the first website I have used for my talent to have so much action in less than two weeks of me purchasing the yearly subscription.

Kevin Ho

I've submitted for a TV pilot and I was booked right after the audition. The entire cast and crew was professional throughout the production. My BEST experience so far on NYCastings. - Kevin Ho

Tyron Martin

Wow,Im the new guy on New York casting less than two weeks in,and already I booked two assignments,1principal commercial and 1 other,and my friend antonio cuffee booked a job as well.We made the right decision one day by walking in the office together,we feel like family and right at home.Im just getting started,trust me, let the show begin.

Jennifer Sabour

Despite being relatively new to NY Castings, I received an audition for a supporting role for an upcoming feature film. After the audition, I received a callback from the Castings Team and was asked to audition for the film's leading actress! Almost immediately after callbacks, I was informed that I had booked the lead role and that the same character would also appear in another feature film! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!! This is such an awesome way to start the New Year! NY Castings, a HUGE thank you goes out to you for this unbelievable opportunity and for making my dreams become a reality!

Connor Keegan Dosch

Hi, I just wanted to thank NYCastings for all the work and experience I have gotten through their site. I am 15 years old and having a blast with all the acting jobs that I have landed from youe listings! Acting and being on film is my passion. Most recently, I was cast in two feature length films. I just wrapped in a coming of age story set in Queens, NY where I play the main character growing up in the 90's. I just wrapped up a film trailer and have been cast in a lead role in an upcoming feature vampire film which is currently in preproduction. I also auditioned for another independent film and landed the role of Teen Christian boy (supporting) in another short film. I also played a supporting role in another feature. I have been featured in a music video, Lonely Neighbor for the group, Oh, Honey. 8/14), and prior to this, had several featured background roles in both film, (The Great Gilly Hopkins) and several episodic tv shows. (Blue Bloods, Manhattan Love Story, Power, Investigation Discovery and most recently, The Americans.) To think that I only signed up 1 year ago and have had all this experience is awesome! Thank you, NYCastings! I hope to continue to land featured and lead roles to build my resume as well as some modeling work. Keep smiling and submitting for roles! NYCastings DOES WORK!

Alex Cherman

Dear NYCastings, I have been acting serious in New York for 1 year now and have made solid progress thanks to my subscription. At the beginning it was slow, I couldn't even get an audition let alone a booked job. But after a while I started to get some auditions, self tape auditions and a couple of booked jobs. They were not the highest paying jobs or sometimes not even paid but the experience was vital. Persistence pays off! Some of the jobs included a Doritos Spec Commercial, A Student Film and A Short film with a small role. I also went to various modeling casting calls I got invited to. Of course keeping you bio page, photos, resume and head shot up to date is important along with a sound cover note to Casting Directors. Everything takes time and nothing is easy, but I figured this is my career and I must be the number one advocate for it. No one else will be! :) Thanks NYCastings! Alexander Cherman

Anna-Marie Brown

AnnaMarie a budding star cast in supporting roles for BET Network film "Christmas Wedding Baby" in the role of Julia and for the film "Love Always Eartha" she plays younger Eartha Kitt

Lauren Sahu

Thank you NY Castings! I booked a video for Pinoy Relief. It was a great experience! Lauren Sahu

Jayne Nicoletti

First day of my subscription renewal and I got picked up by a new talent management agency! Thank you NYCastings!

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