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Casting Director Nina Pratt Urges Actors to ‘Enjoy the ride!’
Posted on: 6/30/2015 11:02:00 AM Advice 

WRITTEN BY: Robert Peterpaul (@robpeterpaul)

If the process of casting is like an intricate puzzle than Nina Pratt is an expert player that holds the fitting pieces. She loves finding the right actor for the right job, having cast all types of performers from rising talent to celebrities.

Pratt has been part of the Casting Department at GREY for over a decade. There she has cast hundreds of actors in thousands of projects, including commercials for companies like Cover Girl, Direct TV and E*TRADE (yes, she cast that famous baby). Rec ...More

Boys who Play Gay w/ Eddie Ramos & Aren Buchholz
Posted on: 6/29/2015 9:54:00 AM Advice 

Face it. As actors, we thrive on taking roles that are so not us. Or perhaps secretly they are us. Or maybe they're just us. No matter which way, being in or out of a comfort zone is something that always changes with our ...More

JUST WRITE: A Reflection with Playwright, Katie Northlich
Posted on: 6/2/2015 11:50:00 AM Advice 

WRITTEN BY: Robert Peterpaul (@robpeterpaul)

Katie Northlich wears many hats. She is an actress, playwright, screenwriter, producer, acting coach, NYCastings enthusiast and, succinctly put, a storyteller. Her work has been seen everywhere from the Upright Citizens Brigade to original pilots on CBS and The Discovery Ch ...More

COMMERCIALS 101 w/ Actor David Banks & Casting Director Sue Crystal
Posted on: 5/29/2015 10:48:00 AM Advice 


What do you get when you cross the dorkiest actor alive with one of the most prominent Casting Directors in NYC? Don't think too hard because there's no answer.

Ahem. Let's talk about commercials!


Essentials from ABC Casting's Laura Janeczko
Posted on: 5/22/2015 5:52:00 PM Advice 


 ABC has dominated television for over 67 years.  With a magical Disney touch (and a little bit of pixie dust), the network consistently launches the careers of industry professionals. ABC Casting is the agile operation behind all the success.  < ...More

How Orange is the New Black Star Julie Lake Became a Meth Head
Posted on: 5/22/2015 11:11:00 AM Advice 

Photo credit Vince Trupsin.


In most cases, being sent to prison isn't ideal. However, for an actress existing presently, it can be be the holy grail. Orange is the New BlackMore

Five Ut-Oh Things That Happen On Set w Young Performers
Posted on: 5/14/2015 2:42:00 PM Advice 

Cover up your child in a jacket or blanket if they are going to eat while dressed in wardrobe.)

Ilana Rapp

There's a level of maturity and professionalism that your child should display while on set. This is, after all, work, not play.

A ...More

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