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The Big Break Theory - Part 4 of 5

Talent Manager Henry Ravelo Reveals the Origin of Opportunity

Written by: Kelly Calabrese

Even the brightest stars may one-day burn out. Just as many talented actors stop appearing in theatres, films and TV shows. An actor has to have a plan, a way to stay on top once they get their shot, and Talent Manager Henry Ravelo knows how to keep that energy up…

Key Element #4 to the Big Break Theory = REMAIN RELEVANT

“The world evolves. New fads come up. The answer is to remain current,” Henry shares.

One way to stay current revolves around the celestial body. “This sounds shallow,” Henry admits, “but body type has changed. Back in the 80's, 90's men were built differently. Women were built differently. In order to compete, unfortunately you have to shape up. Many women will hear from their potential agencies you have to either lose 10 pounds or gain 20. If you're in between, if you're normal looking, you won't work.”

It used to be that those “doing theatre” could be any body type but “these days you usually have a TV show if you're in theatre. Because of the economics of theatre, people will only spend $100 to see Hugh Jackman because you can't see Hugh Jackman in the movie house. So, if you want to do theatre you gotta do TV – if you want to do TV you better get in shape.”

Also, “currently everyone is singing and dancing. If you have a little voice in you get to a voice coach and make it sharp because that will come in handy,” Henry says. Realize “what everyone is hiring and try to figure out how you can incorporate that into your repertoire. It's just like if you go to the grocery store and everyone's buying whole wheat pasta… well then your company better start making whole wheat pasta. It's that simple. Otherwise you are just going to become extinct.”

Some may say that becoming part of a trend means selling out but Henry believes that “being the most talented person in the world isn't going to do you any good if no one wants to see you.”

“Actors tell stories and you need a listener to your story otherwise the circle is not complete. The most untalented person will be working - like Kate Gosselin will be doing Lady Macbeth or something. Not to put people like that down, because their talent is wanting to be in the limelight and you can't knock them down for that because they make a whole lot of money. “

“I'm saying that's what success is,” Henry clarifies, “being in the limelight and making a whole lot of money… unless that is what you want. Success is achieving your goal regardless of what anyone else thinks. If being a working actor is your goal, you're successful. If doing a TV show is your goal, you're successful. If being a star is your goal, you're successful. As long as you achieve what you set out to do, that is success.”

“If you put on a wall and say I'm not going to play because I'm better than you, it won't work. Auditioning doesn't stop because you become big. You still have to prove yourself. It doesn't stop because you become Brad Pitt. Whoopi Goldberg wanted to be in Ghost but they didn't want her because she was a star. Companies still have to prove that their product is good for the consumer or else they become obsolete.”

To break out and succeed you need to remain current, unique, prepared, and magnetic. “If you have all that energy going it will naturally, through Physics, find its place. Metaphysically speaking all that energy will find its outlet,” Henry believes.

Henry knows a great deal about preparing actors for success and he shares some of his talent management secrets in the last part of The Big Break Theory. Read Part 5 now>>>

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