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Catherine Certitude - NYU Student Film
Student FilmSAG-AFTRA/Non-UnionPay: No pay. Credit and copy provided.
Project Description: Catherine Certitude centers on a single father who takes his daughter to ballet lessons taught by a woman from his past where she is encouraged to pursue her dreams despite small doses of disillusionment.
Casting: T BD
Shoot Date: TBD
Location: NYC

Seeking Talent From: NEW YORK
Posted Date: 6/5/2019 3:24:39 PM
End Date: 7/4/2019  
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CATHERINE CERTITUDE | Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 6 - 10 | Role Type: Leading
A young, dreamy, quiet, imaginative soul, drifting through her youth, floating above what others might see as an uncertain existence. Ballet experience preferred.
PAPA | Male | Any Ethnicity | Age: 30 - 45 | Role Type: Leading
A single father who wants to show his daughter the beauty of life despite the fact that it has often eluded him. Earnest, hopeful, deeply devoted to his daughter, but also well aware of the ways life can fall short of one's dreams.
MADAME DISMAILOVA | Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 35 - 55 | Role Type: Supporting
A once promising ballerina who never achieved her grand fantasy of becoming one of the greatest dancers of her age. Somehow, things never quite fell into place for her. She is now the proprietress of a not terribly well attended ballet academy for young girls. And yet she feels dance is the highest calling, is dedicated to her art, and still has within her all the drama, glamour, and self-invention of a true prima ballerina. Like an Edward Gorey character, or the Marchesa Casati, later in life. She has adopted a Russian accent which anyone but her young students can tell is false.
MISS SERGENT | Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 40 - 60 | Role Type: Supporting
A lifeless, cynical older woman, cultured, educated, once fashionable, now reduced to being a governess. She is above her calling, but tolerates her existence. She will do the bare minimum to care for her charge, upholding her dignity and perhaps hoping a little of it rubs off on the young girl.
MOTHER | Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 25 - 45 | Role Type: Featured Background
Mother of a ballet student. Non-speaking role.
BALLET STUDENT | Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 6 - 10
Another student in Madame Dismailova's ballet academy. Non-speaking part.
ODILE | Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 6 - 10
A shy, curious, vulnerable young girl from a wealthy family. She is cared for by a cold governess who has little love to give, and she rarely sees her cosmopolitan, sophisticated parents, except when she is trotted out in her finery for parties. An only child, she is looking for connection, but afraid it will vanish once she has found it.
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