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Dreamgirls - Musical Theatre Tour US & Asia
Musical TheatreNon-UnionPay: $300 rehearsal, $500 ensemble, $700 principals.
Project Description: 

Dreamgirls - Tour US and Asia. Producer: Big League Productions
Executive Producer: Daniel Sher
Music: Henry Krieger
Book/Lyrics: Tom Eyen
Director/Choreographer: Robert Longbottom
Musical Supervisor: Cherie Rosen
Associate Choreographer: Ashley McManus
Casting Director: Alison Franck


Audition: TBD
Callbacks: 6/27
Rehearsals in NY: 9/23 to 11/1 including tech in New Haven, TBD exact dates
Previews: 11/1 to 11/3 - New Haven, CT
Opening Night: 1/12/20 at Shanghai Culture Square, premiere venue in China
Opens in Tokyo: 1/29/20
Tour Closes in Tokyo: 2/16/20
Location: Tour - REH NYC; Previews: New Haven, CT; Opens in Shanghai
Other Dates: Layoff 11/4 to 12/26. NYC rehearsal 12/26 and 27 TBD. 12/27 fly to Shanghai

Pay Details: Weekly Rate: $300 REH, $500 Ensemble, $700 min. Principals plus Per Diem: New Haven $40 a day; China 300 Yuhan a day plus complimentary free hot breakfast (today equivalent or 44.63) paid in local currency; Japan $50 a day paid in USD plus Economy flight, 4 star hotel, all airport transport provided by us in private coach or private car.

Seeking Talent From: NEW YORK
Posted Date: 6/11/2019 4:18:56 PM
End Date: 6/21/2019  
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EFFIE MELODY WHITE ALTERNATE | Female | African-American | Age: 21 - 30 | Vocal Range: Soprano | Role Type: Leading
She's 20's. The plus-sized lead singer of the group with a HUGE voice and a Diva attitude to match. Belt/Soprano - low F (below the staff) to high C To play the role 2 times a week as Alternate.
FEMALE ENSEMBLE UNDERSTUDY LORELL ROBINSON | Female | African-American | Age: 21 - 30 | Vocal Range: Soprano | Role Type: Supporting
Talent to understudy Lorrell The youngest back up singer who falls in love with Jimmy Early she is the heart of the group. She should have a funny sense of humor. Excellent singer Belt/Soprano - middle C to high Bb. Must also be a strong dance.
MALE ENSEMBLE UNDERSTUDY C.C. WHITE | Male | African-American | Age: 21 - 27 | Vocal Range: Tenor | Role Type: Supporting
Talent to play ensemble and to understudy C.C., Effie's soft-spoken younger brother C.C. (Clarence Conrad) serves as the main songwriter for first the Dreamettes. Tenor - sweet sound - up to Bb Must be an excellent dancer/mover as well.
MALE ENSEMBLE/MC | Male | African-American | Age: 25 - 40 | Role Type: Supporting
Excellent singers and dancers, many will be covering the male leads and playing featured roles in the production. Would love a funny character who can also dance and sing well for this track.
FEMALE SWING | Female | African-American | Age: 21 - 30 | Role Type: Supporting
Excellent singers and dancers. Female Swing will be covering all of the female ensemble tracks. So must be a strong dancer.
MALE ENSEMBLE/FRANK | Male | African-American | Age: 21 - 30 | Role Type: Supporting
Talent to play ensemble and the role of Frank. Excellent singer and dancer.
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