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Additional Role - Knockover - Feature Film
Feature FilmSAG-AFTRA/Non-UnionPay: $150/day. Credits and food provided.
Project Description: 

This film examines the waning power of middle-class America after the 911 tragedy. A crew of strangers comes together to rob one of the richest banks in New Haven, Connecticut. Their scheme is perfect, and the take in of the job is in the millions.


Casting: June 30
Shoot Dates: TBD. September
Location: New Haven, CT

Important Info: Auditions will be done via Skype.

Seeking Talent From: NEW YORK NEW ENGLAND
Posted Date: 6/7/2019
End Date: 6/28/2019  
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THE MAN | Male | Any Ethnicity | Age: 30 - 45 | Role Type: Leading
A master manipulator, he is the one who initiates the heist.
CATHY RODRIGUEZ | Female | Hispanic | Age: 18 - 20 | Role Type: Leading
Actress to portray a 17 year old. Unschooled prostitute with a china-doll figure, doesn't know how beautiful she is.
MURDOCK | Male | Caucasian | Age: 45 - 55 | Role Type: Leading
A great Sergeant who becomes outsmarted by The Man.
AVA/HELEN | Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 20 - 40 | Role Type: Leading
Beautiful, has no computer skills or office skills. She is a working girl seeking a better profession for herself.
SHANK | Male | Caucasian, Multi-Ethnic | Age: 30 - 40 | Role Type: Leading
French or Italian, charismatic, tough gangster. The only pro in the group who can execute the plan.
BIG JOE | Male | African-American | Age: 25 - 35 | Role Type: Supporting
An ex-marine, ex-cop and Muslim convert.
SANCHEZ | Male | Hispanic | Age: 20 - 25 | Role Type: Supporting
A grease punk mechanic and thief when he was younger. Now a real man on his first big heist.
RONNIE SENTMAN | Male | Caucasian | Age: 30 - 35 | Role Type: Supporting
Spoiled Jewish man who becomes a pimp. Ava/Helen's boyfriend.
MRS. SENTMAN | Female | Caucasian | Age: 55 - 65 | Role Type: Supporting
Mother of Ronnie, very rich.
HELGA | Female | Caucasian, Multi-Ethnic | Age: 30 - 40 | Role Type: Supporting
Freelance procuress with a kink. She has connections and arranges the plays.
MRS. MURDOCK | Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 30 - 35 | Hair: Blonde | Role Type: Supporting
Good wife of Sergeant Murdock, a blonde stunner.
FATHER PATRICK | Female | Caucasian, Hispanic | Age: 60 - 65 | Role Type: Supporting
Catholic priest who Cathy Rodriguez goes to.
JAIME MARTINEZ | Male | Hispanic | Age: 20 - 25 | Role Type: Supporting
Head over heels in love with Cathy.
DICKY RANDAL | Male | Caucasian | Age: 9 - 10 | Role Type: Supporting
Kidnapped victim, son of driver of the armored truck.
JOSEPH | Male | African-American, Hispanic, Multi-Ethnic | Age: 30 - 35 | Role Type: Supporting
Admires The Man for his skills with women and ability to foresee future prosperity.
ADDITIONAL ROLE - BARRET | Male | African-American | Age: 30 - 39 | Role Type: Supporting
Young Denzel Washington type. Concerned for his boss Murdock, like a son to Murdock.
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