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Flowers Don't Grow in England - Teaser
Feature FilmSAG-AFTRA/Non-UnionPay: $200/12hrs., plus meals and lodging provided. Copy, credit, TBD.
Project Description: 

Casting the teaser for "Flowers Don't Grow in England" a feature-length screenplay. Synopsis: A collision of two worlds: three cousins are navigating through the rough hoods of East London and a mother doing her best to keep her only son on the proper path. For three cousins - Chloe, Vera and Autumn - life has not always dealt them a right hand but the one constant that has remained with them since childhood is the impenetrable bond that they share. Abandoned by each of their parents they've been raised by their elderly aunt Auntie. At a young age, when a late night visit by Autumn's junkie father results in his tragic death the girls must look to each other for strength and become in many ways a mother, a cousin, sister and father to each other. A fateful night that leaves each of them with the only family that they have.

When one of them is attacked Chloe, Autumn and Vera discover how viciously they fight when someone attempts to break their bond. Killing a man with their bare hands becomes a new found talent. A talent that does not go unnoticed by one of East London's most notorious gangsters. Recruited to murder they become a ruthless trio. They're good at what they do but even more so, they enjoy it. But when a routine hit goes wrong, one loss will intertwine the world of Chloe. Vera and Autumn with Rose. The impermeable bond that holds Chloe, Vera and Autumn together will now be tested. Everything that Rose has stood for and once believed will now be questioned. Four women - challenging the depths of love the loyalty of family and the boundaries of trust.

Writer, Director: Tea Britt.


Casting Dates: Based on Submissions
Call Back Dates: TBD
Table Read/Rehersals: TBD, July, 2019. At Untangled Studios, in Baltimore MD
Shoot Dates: 8/2, 8/3
Location: Baltimore. MD.

Additional Instructions: All cast must speak with an english accent, preferably cockney. Scenes have been pulled from the full script to create an extended teaser, which production plans to submit to festivals and use to attract funding to complete the feature-length project. Must sign NDA for the project if selected. Please provide video reels, Initial reading will be through video. All cast must be available to film Aug. 2-3. Cast must be available the month of July for the table read and rehearsals. Note: Travel will not be paid for table read and rehearsals. Travel and pay for principal photography only.

Seeking Talent From: WASHINGTON D.C. NEW YORK
Posted Date: 5/16/2019
End Date: 7/31/2019  
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CHLOE | Female | African-American, Multi-Ethnic, Native-American | Age: 22 - 30 | Role Type: LeadingVideo Reel Required
Talent to portray Chloe, charismatic but extremely manipulative. She gets her cousins into issues that she can not resolve, but she has a personality that is magnetic and can get people to go against their morals. She is greedy and does not know how not to cross a line. Throughout the story, she has the right idea, but the wrong intentions. She is attractive but would get offended if complimented. She is the more complex character within the story.
VERA | Female | African-American, Multi-Ethnic, Native-American | Age: 18 - 28 | Role Type: LeadingVideo Reel Required
Talent to portray Vera, the youngest out of the trio. She is shy but by contrast has a vicious nature when people mess with her family. She is tiny but lethal and at the most part, tries to be the peacekeeper among her cousins. She does not want much out of life other than to have a family, but with cousins like hers, they make it very hard. Vera is athletic and beautiful yet soft-spoken when it comes to strangers, which makes it easier for her to kill others - no connections. She is what most would call a "dreamer," just her dream come to reality, so she thinks.
AUTUMN | Female | African-American, Multi-Ethnic, Native-American | Age: 21 - 31 | Role Type: LeadingVideo Reel Required
Talent to portray Autumn, she has the most challenging arc. She does the most evolving in the film. Autumn has had a hard life, she has indeed been beaten down. However, there is something about Autumn that will not quit. She is like a rodent, she finds a way to survive. She is beautiful, although she never tries to be or believes she is. Her self esteem has never been the highest, although she looks like she would. She has always felt like the ugly duckling, however towards the end of the story she flourishes in ways she can not imagine
GRAM - TRANSGENDER | Male | Any Ethnicity | Age: 21 - 39 | Role Type: SupportingVideo Reel Required
Talent to portray Gram, a transgender male. He wants to forget the past and build something new with his nephew. When his nephew's life is cut short, Gram is forced to put the pieces back together. Gram is in the streets heavy, he is a complete contrast from his home life.
CASE - TRANSGENDER | Male | Any Ethnicity | Age: 22 - 39 | Role Type: SupportingVideo Reel Required
Talent to portray Case, a transgender male. He is dodgy in every way, equipped with a bad attitude and an inferior disposition. He is more than reckless, but more so he is greedy, money hungry, and ruthless. He sees an opportunity within the trio of women and uses their weaknesses to his advantage. He is just pure nasty and nothing of a British gentleman, he is everything opposite, short of a few screws.
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