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The Whole Truth Ep. 101 - TV Series
TV SeriesNon-UnionPay: Leads at $200/full day, $150/half-day. Supporting at $150/full day, $100/half-day.
Project Description: 

This is a true crime series with limited cinematic recreations. Shoots will be improv from an outline. The focus is on emotional expression physicality and movement.
Story line: A small town in Michigan is thrown into turmoil when a masked intruder kills a young mother home alone with her children.


Casting: TBD or based on submissions
Shoot Dates: Tues., 5/21, Wed., 5/22, Thurs., 5/23. Most roles will work 1-2 days of these 3 possible days.
Location: NYC or nearby area. No budget for travel or accommodations, so performers must be NY local or willing to work NY local.

Pay Details:
- Leads at $200/full day, 10 hrs., $150/half-day, 5 hrs.
- Supporting at $150/full day, 10 hrs., $100/half-day, 5 hrs.

Seeking Talent From: NEW YORK
Posted Date: 5/10/2019 12:52:36 PM
End Date: 5/20/2019  
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LISA | Female | Caucasian | Age: 25 - 35 | Hair: Brown, Dirty Blonde | Role Type: Leading
Light brown or dirty blonde hair, petite build or short. A young single mother, for whom taking it all in stride comes naturally. Though her relationship with Frank quickly sours, she is committed to doing what she can to keep him in the life of their son. Her noble intentions will lead to tragic results when Frank violently murders her in her home. Stage combat training or experience is a plus. Add Your Resume and Submit Now
FRANK | Male | Caucasian | Age: 30 - 49 | Hair: Black, Brown | Role Type: Leading
Dark hair, large build. He can be physically menacing. The murderer. An aggressive, abusive man, always behind on his child support and consumed with jealousy and anger. Actor must have a currently valid driver's license and be comfortable driving in a scene. Stage combat training or experience is a plus. Add Your Resume and Submit Now
JACOB | Male | Caucasian | Age: 8 - 13 | Role Type: Supporting
Lisa and Frank's son. He is horrified to witness the attack on his mother. Actor will be in one shot witnessing a man in physical struggle with a woman, but otherwise all his material will be shot separately from any blood or violence. Actor will have to do fearful reactions while running across a field at night. Add Your Resume and Submit Now
SHANE | Male | Caucasian | Age: 7 - 12 | Role Type: Supporting
Lisa's stepson, son of her husband Ron. Actor will not be exposed to any scenes of violence or struggle, but will have to do fearful reactions while running across a field at night. Add Your Resume and Submit Now
RON | Male | Caucasian | Age: 30 - 49 | Role Type: Supporting
Beard or goatee. The man Lisa marries after her relationship to Frank falls apart. Ron is a great guy and a loving husband. He is arriving for his night shift at work, tragically unaware that his wife is being attacked and murdered in their home. Add Your Resume and Submit Now
JEFF | Male | Caucasian | Age: 30 - 39 | Role Type: Supporting
Attractive. Little League coach who had an affair with Lisa. Add Your Resume and Submit Now
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