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Livestream Youth Science Engineering & Coding Classes - Webisodes
Educational VideoNon-UnionPay: $100 per day if selected. Paid audition $50.
Project Description: Blue Studios is a live-stream and on-demand platform broadcasting high energy and entertaining STEM science technology engineering and math classes for kids, whether it be coding robotics, botany or microbiology. Our mission is to teach a billion kids STEM skills. We're looking for high energy and talented performers who are interested in inspiring an entire generation of kids to become confident STEM learners reach their full potential and have fun while doing it. We are looking for folks who are engaging dependable great communicators will take the time to prepare before going on air and who are coachable.

But I'm Not a Scientist or an Engineer, can I still be an instructor? We're not looking for you to be Albert Einstein we're looking for entertaining folks with gravitas who can make STEM fun and engaging and less intimidating for kids and parents alike. Think along the lines of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood or Sesame Street. You should be enthusiastic energetic and love children. Plus we provide you with the lesson plans/scripts to prepare in advance. So as long as you prepare and practice for a livestream class and make it your own you'll be just fine.

Casting Coordinator: Kelley Cambry.

Casting Dates: Based on Submissions
Call Back Dates: TBD
Shoot Dates: Brooklyn, NY

How to Apply:
1 - Headshot
2 - Cover letter tell us about yourself and why this interests you
3 - Resume showing any relevant work with children is a plus
4 - Audition video link please provide an unlisted Youtube link. The audition should be of you reading your favorite children's book. It should be no longer than 5 minutes and can be recorded on a mobile device or laptop. It does not have to be of high production quality. We want to get a feel for your unique personality and energy.

Additional Information After you submit this material and we review it, we will invite you in for an in-person audition if we are interested in moving forward. Auditions do not take more than an hour. We will also compensate you for your time for the audition $50.

Role Responsibilities: The main focus of the role is to deliver high-energy entertaining STEM classes via livestream from our studio in Boerum Hill Brooklyn. We provide our instructor talent with the lesson/script in for you to prepare for your livestream class in advance. Our audience members are as young as 4 years old all of the way to 40 years old so we're looking for people who are great communicators and but we expect you to make the lesson your own. We've had live stream instructors sing songs and add activities in between for the viewers watching to go along with. At the end of the day we expect you to add your own personality and flair. There are opportunities to teach at various age levels: elementary middle and high school. Throughout the position you'll be asked to work closely with the leadership team. This is a high-collaboration environment where creative thinkers and hard workers can shine. Most importantly you'll be embarking on a mission to change the way students learn.

Required Availability:
This position is currently part-time in-person at our Brooklyn, NY studio location during evenings and the afternoon on weekends. Your schedule is flexible as you choose which livestream timeslots that you want to sign up for. However we only record our livestream classes at these dates/times during the week:

Monday through Friday Evening:
- 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm 20 to 30-minute class
- 8:00 pm to 9:45 pm 20 to 30-minute class

- 3:00 pm to 4:45 pm 20 to 30-minute class

Instructors should arrive at least 30 minutes before a livestream begins. If you are not available during these time slots please do not apply for the position.

Qualifications for teaching positions:
- A performing arts/acting background
- Desire to be live on camera and star in produced content
- Upbeat high energy on-stage personality
- A fun and engaging educator/communicator with the ability to transmit that passion to others young people
- An excellent communicator of complex and abstract concepts
- You are eager to shape the skills minds and trajectories of the next generation
- You are the person that your colleagues naturally gravitate to when they are trying to figure something out
- Flexible schedule but the ability to commit on a relatively consistent basis
- Capacity to understand what motivates children and make them feel understood
- Are comfortable with collaboration with diverse groups and fast decision-making
- Experience working with youth camp counselor instructor teacher nanny etc.
- If you are a current or former elementary/secondary teacher also a plus but not required
- Must agree to and pass a criminal background check and complete livestream instructor training in a timely manner

- Ability to communicate complex concepts to general audiences
- Excellent interpersonal skills: high energy friendly helpful and knowledgeable
- Patience with others
- Reliable
- Team player
- You are empathetic with a keen ability to read people. You have a sense of both individual motivations and the needs of others
- You have a low ego and a roll-up-your-sleeves approach to work. You possess humility and grit willing to take on both "lower level" and "higher level" projects based on what needs to be done. The phrase "that's not my job" is not something you would say.

What We Offer:
- We're socially responsible when it comes to compensation
- Flexible work schedule
- The opportunity to join a social venture organization with an opportunity to work with us long-term.

About Blue Studios: Blue Studios is a social enterprise that provides kindergarten to 12th grade STEM science technology engineering and math classes to give families the opportunity to enjoy a variety of STEM experiences from the comfort of home while guaranteeing an exciting and fun experience for kids. Parents gain access to Blue Studios Live by subscribing to a monthly membership level for unlimited access to live stream and on-demand classes. We're looking for high energy and talented entertainers who are interested in inspiring an entire generation of kids to become confident STEM learners reach their full potential and have fun while doing it We are looking for folks who are engaging DEPENDABLE great communicators will take the time to prepare before going on air and who are coachable. Our husband and wife co-founders created Blue Studios Live to solve a big hurdle. They were running STEM programs in over 40 cities with over 20 000 kids and were living out of their suitcase. It was exhausting They needed a better way to broadcast their unique learning environment to kids around the world. Blue Studios Live is just the beginning of our mission to teach a billion kids STEM skills and we are excited to have you on this journey with us.

Learn more at:

Seeking Talent From: NEW YORK
Posted Date: 5/15/2019 1:30:06 PM
End Date: 6/10/2019  
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10 HIGH ENERGY PERFORMERS | Male or Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 18 - 55
We're looking for high energy and talented entertainers who are interested in inspiring an entire generation of kids to become confident STEM learners reach their full potential and have fun while doing it.
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