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The Interrogator Ep. 101 - TV Series
TV SeriesNon-UnionPay: $200/day for lead roles, $150/day supporting roles
Project Description: 

This is a true crime recreation series. Scenes will be improvised from an outline with minimal or no dialogue and in performance the focus will be on emotional expression physicality and movement.


Casting Date: TBD or based on submissions
Shoot Date: 6/17-6/28
Location: Fairfield, CT and Bridgeport, CT

Seeking Talent From: NEW YORK NEW ENGLAND
Posted Date: 6/4/2019
End Date: 6/15/2019  
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SERGEANT ROBERTS | Male | Caucasian | Age: 40 - 59 | Role Type: Leading
Has goatee. One of the lead investigators in Aidee's homicide case.
AIDEE | Female | Hispanic | Age: 20 - 29 | Hair: Brown, Red | Role Type: Leading
Light brown or reddish hair. The murder victim. A radiant young woman off to a promising start in life, she is ambushed and killed in a mugging outside her townhouse.
ARACELY | Female | Hispanic | Age: 20 - 29 | Hair: Black, Brown | Role Type: Supporting
Dark brown or black hair. Sister of murder victim Aidee, she is the one who finds the body.
HUMBERTO | Male | Hispanic | Age: 20 - 29 | Role Type: Supporting
Aidee's abusive ex-boyfriend, he makes himself a suspect when he vengefully breaks into her house, smashing windows.
PARENTS OF BUCKNER | Male or Female | African-American | Age: 40 - 49 | Role Type: Supporting
Devastated when a knock on the door one morning from the cops, there to arrest their son for murder.
BUCKNER | Male | African-American | Age: 20 - 29
The murderer. He kills the victim in a mugging gone wrong, he claims the gun went off accidentally as she struggled to hold onto her purse. Actor should be comfortable appearing shirtless in a scene (for arrest sequence, detectives arrive to arrest him while he is still asleep).
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