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Magic - Short Film
Short FilmNon-UnionPay: $100/day, plus breakfast and lunch provided. Copy, credit, TBD.
Project Description: Casting "Magic," a psychedelic short film that centers around teenagers from different decades in a dorm room and is a direct tribute to the individual decades. The characters include one from the 1950s, a disassociated girl from the 1960s, her boyfriend from the 1990s, and her beautiful roommate from the 2010s.
Casting Dates: Based on Submissions
Call Back Dates: TBD
Shoot Dates: TBD
Location: Los Angeles, CA. Local Hire Only.

Note: Dates TBD at California Institute of the Arts in Santa Clarita, CA.

Click for The 1. MAGIC SCRIPT.pdf

Click for The 2. MAGIC CHARACTERS.pdf

Click for The 3. Magic STORYBOARD.pdf

Seeking Talent From: LOS ANGELES
Posted Date: 4/28/2020 12:41:49 PM
End Date: 5/6/2020  
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1960S CHARACTER TYPE | Female | Caucasian | Age: 18 - 22 | Role Type: Leading
Bold and beautiful, dressed in red. A force than can be felt beyond the 16mm film stock. Unable to save herself from her disassociation with reality, she stares endlessly into the void and all we can do is look.
2010S CHARACTER TYPE | Female | African-American | Age: 18 - 22 | Role Type: Supporting
This character only communicates through emojis. Expressive facial movements have been replaced with digital icons that float above her head. Although she cannot emote through her face she is more than willing to show you what she is thinking.
1990S CHARACTER TYPE | Male | African-American, Hispanic | Age: 18 - 23 | Role Type: Supporting
Hobbies include smoking weed and hanging out with his girlfriend. He doesn't go to school so he spends most of his day working odd jobs and selling weed. He's the only character that looks like he doesn't belong. He wants to make films as a living so he keeps a camera on him when he can.
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