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Split Screen - Virtual Reading
Staged ReadingAEA/Non-AEAPay: TBD
Project Description: This is a dramatic reading of a new play. The reading will be done on Zoom. Split Screen is a story of love, movies, and other catastrophes, set on two film sets, 25 years apart.

In 2009, acclaimed filmmaker Raul Castellano has gone through a 4 year creative drought and is now mounting his comeback film. He invites his lost love, a film reporter who inspired his film, to the set, and when she surprisingly shows up, he sets out to win her back even as financial and cast problems throw the filming into chaos.

In 2034, his daughter, Julia Castellano, mounts her debut film in a world haunted by COVID19. Facing a still sexist industry, a cast that doesn't believe in her, and her internal struggle to be seen as more than the labels society places on her, she takes refuge in her budding romance with her editor, an older woman who pushes her to embrace her artistic vision.
Casting: By submission
Shoot Dates: September 4, 2020
Location: Nationwide

Posted Date: 8/5/2020 5:49:21 PM
End Date: 9/3/2020  
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RAUL | Male | African-American, Hispanic | Age: 33 - 39
An auteur who made a name for himself in the 90s and early 00s during the Indy New Wave headed by Tarantino, Rodriguez, and the Miramax system. He started his career doing indy action and gangster films but made a turn toward art house fare with a drama set in 1890s Spain called, "The Shack." His divorce shortly thereafter derailed his career, and he is now working on his comeback film, Hyperbole.
JULIE | Female | African-American, Hispanic | Age: 20 - 26
Raulís daughter looking to make a name for herself with her own film, a noir in the 1940s vein. A self-proclaimed punk princess with an extravagant personal style, she has a deep love of film history and aspires to be like the classic directors of the 40s and 50s.
NESTOR-IGNACIO | Male | African-American, Hispanic | Age: 20 - 40
Talent to play both characters. In Timeline 1, Nestor is Raulís producer and right hand man, who believes in his artistic impulses but also counters Raulís passion with pragmatism and perspective. In Timeline 2, Ignacio is the lead actor in Juliaís film, a detective navigating a seedy world of deception in order to find his friendís killer.
KRYSTYNA-CORINNE | Female | African-American, Hispanic | Age: 20 - 40
Talent to play both characters. In Timeline 1, Amanda is Raulís true love, a reporter who had an affair with him as his marriage ended. She still loves him but feels protective of her autonomy and career and is unsure if his chaotic life is compatible with hers. In Timeline 2, Grace is Ignacioís secretary in the film, a mother figure to his character and the crew of the film.
HECTOR-JAMES | Male | African-American, Hispanic | Age: 20 - 40
Talent to play both characters. In Timeline 1, Hector is a rep for Raulís production company, working directly for Alex. In Timeline 2, James plays the role of one of the witnesses to a murder he may have been indirectly involved in.
ANA-ALEX | Female | African-American, Hispanic | Age: 20 - 40
Talent to play both characters. In Timeline 1, Alex is Raulís producer and ex-wife, who got half his production company in the divorce; the antagonist of his life, full of rage and controlling of his artistic expression. In Timeline 2, Ana is the femme fatale of Juliaís film as well as her antagonist off-set, as she questions Juliaís abilities and talent.
ANDREA-RAQUEL | Female | African-American, Hispanic | Age: 20 - 40
Talent to play both characters. In Timeline 1, Andrea is the love interest of Raulís new film. She has no ability to bullshit, even about her own shortcomings. Raulís oldest friend, she is both his confidante and his conscience. In Timeline 2, Raquel is Juliaís editor, a woman of strong artistic conviction and vision. She is in love with Julia but unable to express herself due to their professional relationship.
ADAM-JOSE | Male | African-American, Hispanic | Age: 20 - 40
Talent to play both characters. In Timeline 1: Adam is the romantic lead of Raulís new film, he is a dashing, charming man of ideas and conviction. In Timeline 2, Jose is the wild card of Juliaís film, a man of mystery who tries to run a con that gets out of hand.
RENE | Male | African-American, Hispanic | Age: 20 - 28
In Timeline 1 and early fifties in Timeline 2. The one character who appears in both timelines as the same person. Rene in Timeline 1 is an actor who is ashamed of his sexuality and expresses this internal conflict through alcohol and deviant behavior, causing a rift between him and his director. In Timeline 2, he is looking for a comeback with the daughter of the director who made him famous, while trying to amend for his past mistakes.
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