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New Me - Feature Film
Feature FilmSAG-AFTRA/Non-UnionPay: Pays min $125/day to max $335/day.
Project Description: A horror/drama feature film. NOTE: Production house will pay for accommodation, all travel, meals and crafts services. The producers plan to apply for SAG Modified agreement.


Casting: By submission
Rehearsal date: End of June (TBD)
Shoot Dates: July (five weeks)
Location: NYC

Seeking Talent From: NEW YORK
Posted Date: 3/5/2021 12:27:32 PM
End Date: 3/30/2021  
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ANDRIANA - DIANA | Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 21 - 32 | Role Type: LeadingVideo Reel Required
Role would quire partial nudity - full back and front upper half for the actress. Fit, active in her late 20. Andriana is a depressed wife who is unable to understand her subsequent writers block, is also baffled by why she is unable to be happy with a loving husband and beautiful, healthy baby girl. She returns to her childhood home to find answers where she will gradually emerge from the unconsciously protective shell in which she’s hiding. Transforming from a meek, too-eager-to-please fawn to a vivacious, confident lioness at ease with herself and her place in the world, Andriana will justify the horrific things she needs to do to feed her artistic muse as acceptable, despite what society might think. Andriana will be playing two roles. She would also be playing Diana, her doppleganger. Shockingly similar to Andriana in looks, build and age, Diana is also strikingly different. Where Andriana is a plain canvas on which her artistic self is yet to find the courage to splash paint, Diana is a Picasso gone joyously crazy. Her body neons tattoo ink, hair dye and piercings. Where Andriana is cursed with an inner monologue so constantly self-judging she’s often too paralyzed to act or speak, Diana is instinct and action.
KEITH | Male | Any Ethnicity | Age: 21 - 35 | Role Type: SupportingVideo Reel Required
A faux-feminist in his 30s, Keith prides himself on hyphenating with his wife’s name when they married and not being pissed she didn’t reciprocate. Starting the movie as a genuinely loving but confused and concerned husband, Keith will be the most clueless and innocent of our characters. That naiveté will have the audience rooting for him to wake up and see the danger he’s in. Production states: "Role requires full back nudity for the actor."
STEVIE | Male | Hispanic | Age: 40 - 55 | Role Type: SupportingVideo Reel Required
Tall, bulky, a now-50-something day laborer and handyman, Stephen (Esteban) Viola was born in the US to Mexican parents. Cunning but not smart he spent a couple of stretches in jail, most recently getting out two years ago after doing a dime for the 4th Degree, Class C felony of being caught in possession of a cocktail of illegal drugs.
MARC | Male | Any Ethnicity | Age: 40 - 55 | Role Type: SupportingVideo Reel Required
His family background embarrassed him, and he forced himself into books and movies to create a charming, less trashy persona behind which to hide. A handyman running a mobile repair business from the back of his truck, Marc was an avid hunter, outdoorsman, and secret sadist-and-pedophile. Able to keep his own hours and report to no one was the perfect lifestyle.
LILY | Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 21 - 32 | Role Type: SupportingVideo Reel Required
Never surviving past her mid-20s, Lily only ever wanted two things – to be a homemaker, and a published writer of the children’s stories she told her daughter at bedtime. Her father’s early passing and her mother’s subsequent cancer meant Lily thought she would have to forego both. Surprisingly, leaving school at 15 to become her Mom’s primary care was the key to one of those dreams coming true.
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