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True To Life - Short Film
Short FilmNon-UnionPay: $100 to the right actress. Transportation expense negotiable, copy provided.
Project Description: 

This short film is about an interracial couple a white male and black female discussing their lives before bedtime about extenuating circumstances.
Short scene used mainly for the filmmaker's reels.


Casting Dates: To be determined
Shoot Date: TBD. Sept. 2019
Location: Filmmaker would like to have this project finished by the end of Sept. and should only take a couple hours max to film in the Glen Cove, Long Island surrounding area. Possibly even in Northern NJ.

Seeking Talent From: NEW YORK
Posted Date: 7/26/2019 10:07:11 AM
End Date: 8/25/2019  
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TANYA | Female | African-American | Age: 35 - 45 | Height: 5´ 0" - 5´ 5" | Role Type: Leading
Talent portrays part of an interracial couple. Actress should have braids (it does not have to be long, but at least medium length). Height should be 5'5" or shorter. Proportionate weight and size. Actress should be comfortable wearing a nightgown. No nudity.
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