Steven  Benedict
Ht: 5' 10" Wt: 175 lbs.
Suit: 40R   Shirt: 16  
Waist: 33   Shoe: 10
Eyes: Hazel Hair: Brown
Steven Benedict is an athlete, strength and conditioning coach and fitness model that keeps himself well rounded within all realms. As a track and field sprinter he qualified for last years Olympic Trials and runs in some of the countries most prestigious races and when he's not training with his coaches he's training others to help them pursue a better and healthier lifestyle, his clientele has consisted of contestants from the biggest loser to t.v. show hosts. Steven has appeared in many fitness magazines as well writing articles within them such as Maximum Fitness, Men's Exercise and Men's Health. This athlete is climbing his way to the top of his game and has the determination and drive to finish everything he starts.
Law and Order Counter Stand Guy
Gossip Girl Bartender Warner Brothers
30 Rock Featured Waiter NBC
Men's Shake Weight Fitness Expert Trainer QVC Network
All My Children Hospital Orderly ABC
Ehow series Host/Athlete/Strength Coach Demand Studios
Ehow series Host/Athlete/Strength Coach Demand Studios
Ehow series Host/Athlete/Strength Coach Demand Studios
Ehow series Host/Athlete/Strength Coach Demand Studios
CMS Stock Broker Persona Films / Van Vizinberg
Dupont Fix Up Pen Satisfied Customer/Demonstrator Tri-star Products
Axia Taverna Resturante Principal Patron ATN Networks
Laundry Basket Infomercial Principal Demonstrator Tri-star Products
AB Coaster Elite Athlete Tri-star Products
Gillette Razor Model Animated Storyboards
Sacci Detergent Construction Worker Animated Storyboards
Omni Health Systems Hospital Doctor Black Bird Studios
AB Flyer PRO Athlete Demonstrator QVC
Scope Fitness/Resistance Band Athlete JHD Productions
Ab Roller Next Generation Athlete Tri-Star Productions
Tiger Fitness Ellyptical Athlete Tri-Star Products
Nike Plus Commercial Athlete Runner Nike inhouse
Chivas Regal Yacht Racer Animated Storyboards
Blackberry Bold Track and Field Sprinter AT&T
Thailand Commercial Martial Arts Boxer Bandit Productions
Aussie Bum Swim wear Model Kemual Valdez
ESPN U Magazine Lacrosse Athlete ESPN
Men's Exercise Magzine Athlete Chelo Publications
TheBriefingRoom Underwear Model Rodger Hadone
Maximum Fitness Magazine 2009 July/August Athlete Robert Rieff
Medical Meeting Magazine Cover ( Boxer ) Aaron Goodman
Wild Shots Cowboy Wild Shots Tequila
Men's Health Magazine 2011 Sept. Athlete Rodale Publications
Men's Health Magazine 2012 March Athlete Rodale Publications
Men's Fitness Magazine 2012 March Athlete American Media Inc.
Xyience Nutrition Athlete model Xyience
Maximum Fitness Magazine 2009 May/June Athlete Robert Rieff
CW-X Sportswear Athlete model Waco sports
Eletewater Athlete model Eletewater
Belledame Apparel Line Male Model Rose Land (Belledame line)
Taking Chance Air force Soldier/ Cowboy
Shadow Runner athlete runner David Lean
Elite  Performance  Training:

Performance  Enhancement  Specialist
Corrective  Exercise  Specialist
Strength  and  Conditioning  Coach
Martial  Arts  (  Judo,  Jiu-Jitzu,  Karate  )

The  Arts:

Graphic  Design  Degree