Pance  Pony
SAG-AFTRA Eligible   
Height   :    5'  6''       Weight :    119
Eyes :   Green   Hair :   Blonde
Bust :   32   Waist :   25
Hips :   33   Shoe :   8
Dress :   2          
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano
Vocal Type: Pop

Primary: 412.427.7596
Pance Pony is a songwriter, producer, cellist, and actress based in New York, NY. She trained as a classical cellist, graduating from Ithaca College with a degree in Music Education. After college, she founded Young Wonder Studios, a hip-hop record label for students in low-income communities based in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently honing her production skills at New York University, pursuing a Masters in Music Technology. Pony focuses on fusing classical music into hip-hop instrumentals, and merging different musical genres together to connect with many audiences. She often performs with live cello, and incorporates audience participation and improv into her performances. She strives to reach across multiple platforms. Her vocational goal is to empower and offer opportunities to aspi ...


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View Youtube Video: Cello Demo Reel

View Youtube Video: Pance Pony Video Reel
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Undergraduate Degree in Music Education (Cello) from Ithaca College, 2015
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Currently in Masters of Music Composition at New York University
Professional  Cellist  /  Cello  Player
Professionally  Trained  in  Conducting
Bilingual  Spanish  /  English
Humorist  /  Comedy  Enthusiast