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Will  Britton
Height   :    5'  11''       Weight :    165
Eyes :   Brown   Hair :   Black
Suit :   42R   Shirt :   16.5
Waist :   33    Inseam :   33
Shoe :   10          

Vocal Type: R&B

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Primary: 908.812.1362

Will Britton was born on November 10,in New Brunswick, NJ. Being the youngest of 5 children. Now you would think he would have many great male role models but unfortunately that was not the case. In living in a one parent household life was kind of hard for young William, but in he was always taught by his father that a man stands alone and what he wants he has to work hard for it. So needless to say William had a rough childhood living in New Brunswick from the neighborhood itself to the hardships and other hidden secrets. Due to what William had went through he felt like he did not have much of a chance to make it but he had dreams, big dreams. Everyone around him said he was crazy for thinking that he can become an actor. Like many, the negative words from the people who say they

actors reel

Citibank voiceover

Online Travel voiceover

Mortgage voiceover
Choices Lamar Williams (Lead) Debbie Henderson
Return to Mellow Falls Sherman (Supporting) Cilque Brown
Drivven Bartender Colleen Innis
Rumble in the Lot Tony (Supporting) Natasha Baptiste
Not for Nothing Featured Matthew Bonifacio
Close the Chapter Best Friend Brigid Turner/Nastalliagon Produ...
Deep Sleep Lead Showbizi Productions
George Takes A Picture Patrick Emma Carlson/NYU
After Earth Featured Overbrook Entertainment
Jamrock Magazine Featured Spring 2010 issue
Jose Cuervo Fiesta Ad Featured Diageo/Timothy Hogan
Broder Brothers Catalog Ad Featured Model Broder Brothers
Father & Son Print Ad Featured Model Chris Sorenson
In the Spotlight Magazine Featured Model Brian Cole
Buckwilde Morning Show Voice over Brandon Thomas
Amy Gossels- On camera Commercial Workshop
Alan Gordon Studios- Audition Technique
Alan Gordon Studios- Acting Technique (Meisner)-Ongoing
Donelli Film/TV Acting Class- Audition Technique
Aerobics,  Baseball,  Basketball,  Billiards  Player,  Bowling,  Boxing,  Fishing,  Football,  Golf,  Kick  Boxing,  Running,  Wrestling. 

Dance:  Hip  Hop,  R&B
Improvisation:  Sketch
Dialects:  Southern,  Italian
Vocal:  R&B  Singer