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Lawrence murphy
Booked a commercial for Univision Network as a a boxer through ny castings

On April 30th I applied for a role in the TV series. "Untitled Historic Feuds." On May 4th I was notified that I was selected to portray John Tanner, one of the city officials, in the re-enactment of the shootout between Soapy Smith and John Reid on Juneau Wharf during the the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898.It was a great experience.

no user
I booked a "major cell phone industrial" through NYCastings. Little did I know it was an international ad campaign for "T-Mobile". Now my face is on a billboard in Times Square, I'm in the TV commercial and the T-Mobile web content. I get a check in the mail every week! Thank you NYCastings!!

Deborah Finley
I was thrilled to be cast by to play a Mom for the Mother's Day comedy sketch, "Your Mom Wants to F*ck Wolverine", starring hilarious SNL writer, and PARKS AND RECREATION actress, Paula Pell! A dream come true to work with Paula Pell!

Jenalyn Villegas
NYCastings is great!! I got booked through NYCastings for an Independent Film and we filmed it this weekend. The film was called "A letter to Emily" - A romantic comedy film. My first featured for improv speaking role!!! It was fun! Crew members and the Director were awesome! It was fun working with the talents and all the crew. Thanks NYCastings!

Paulo Guimaraes
Last Tuesday I worked on the fabulous web series, Be Here Nowish!! Everyone was having a blast! Today, also a Tuesday ironically, I worked on a fantastic, fun shoot for upcoming movie, The Hard Candy Kid!! Thank you again NYCASTINGS, for being on point with the emails about work!!!

Janel Koloski
Hey! Im Janel Koloski and 2015 has already been a great year for me so far due to NYCastings. I have booked 6 jobs so far and am shooting a print ad Thursday from an NYCasting booking. I tell all of my acting friends to create a profile because it has brought me success and the ability to choose which photo out of 19 to send in with my submission is very helpful! Thanks NYCastings Love Janel

Harri Molese
Hi, Catch me tomorrow night, Weds., May 6th at 9PM on Investigation Discovery Channel's "Mansions & Murders" as Elizabeth Congdon, elderly wealthy socialite. As usual, I get killed! This time smothered. They just love to kill off old ladies!!! (LOL) Had a great time with the cast and crew. Harri Molese

Kevin Ho
Auditioned for another TV pilot submitted through NYCastings. Booked it at the end of the day. Always fun to be on set when everyone work as a pro. Thank you for the opportunity! - Kevin Ho

Paulo Guimaraes
I started using NYCASTINGS in January of this year, and so far I had work as a background extra for one tv show, one web commercial, and two days of shooting in an upcoming Jodie Foster movie. I am happy to see the service works for it clients, and also provides many services to help us prepare for our career. I will continue to use NYCASTINGS for my acting needs, and to grow for the future.

Kathryn Shasha
Secured new print representation and booked two infomercials...thank you NYCastings!!!

Janel Koloski
Hi I just booked a pharmaceutical commercial and infomercial through NY Castings! Have a lovely day! Janel Koloski

Samantha Hlavacek
NY Castings is phenomenal. My daughter just booked her third job in a matter of months. The $90 yearly investment is so worth it. I can't say enough good things!!

Niceto Darcey Festin
Used the tips on cover letters I picked up at NYCastings seminar Monday night and booked the next industrial I submitted for. Thank you Acting Guru!

Michael Webb
When i first started working with NYCastings it became a dream come true while i have been selected for numerous projects such as , web series , movies , short movies , music videos and etc. I also had a gig recently with MTV doing a live event dance performance and it was a fun experience and hope for many more projects i can do to come. It's all a huge thanks to NYCastings for my dreams to come true as a gifted talented actor to move on to principle roles in the future. NYCastings will always be my main source of jobs that i could get.

Jordan Elizabeth Gelber
Since signing up with NYCastings last month my acting career has skyrocketed! I have a minimum of 4 auditions a week and i've been booking projects left and right. Recently I worked on a feature film where I not only had a speaking role but I was able to do an interview segment with all the actors to be featured online. Already this week I have 6 auditions lined up thanks to NYCastings. Between that and the casting directors i've met for free, i've been more successful in the last 2 months than I have in the last year.

Janel Koloski
Hey NYCastings ! Your website has been so helpful! I booked an infomercial and a car commercial in only the first few months of using your site. Not only have I booked work but also been called in to many auditions by casting directors looking at my resume and requesting me. The Acting Guru's advice in regards to submissions notes really clicked and my genuine and charismatic submissions have increased my bookings and auditions. Love Janel

knoMI Mia
Hi NY Casting! First let me tell you that you ROCK! I got a few call backs, got a part in 2 web-series and an HBO series with John Tuturro! He's so cool! Who knew! I'm fairly new to the film industry, I come from a modeling, dancing, and singing background! Thanks again! I just wish there were more opportunities for teens! Maybe soon! Okay well, goodnight!!!!

Autumn Weisz
Well, this is kinda cool for a change....I'm sitting at my computer just beginning the drudgery of going through ALL those casting notices that showed up overnight, when I come across this email from 'Maria'. 'Maria' says she's a casting director and that they just finished watching my reel. She was calling to offer me a really good role in a film that shoots in April for a week in Brooklyn. I said 'oh, hell, yeah!' Kinda sorta. I didn't even have to audition; I didn't have to do a thing. Woo hoo!

Miriam Matabaro
Recently booked "The Island" art project - a modern and contemporary art video installation. Thanks NY casting!

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