Acting Career Coaching Session with NY / LA Talent Manager

The Studio at NYCastings - On on One
The Studio - One on One Coaching2
The Studio at NYCastings - On on One
The Studio at NYCastings - On on One4
The Studio at NYCastings - On on One
The Studio - One on One Coaching

My name is Shannon Pierce, a Manager at 4th Dimension Management Group. In any business or artistic avenue desperate decisions will only provide you with desperate results. In this 90 minute call via phone or Skype, we will go over everything needed to avoid making the wrong decisions, and instead teach you how to obtain substantial success within the film industry. Establishing your brand correctly is a crucial component in gaining quick success, and keeping that brand at a certain echelon will transform into accomplishing long term goals. In this consultation, we will shave off precious time, rid unnecessary costs, and put you on a clear path to achieving your goals.

If you use Skype, you can very easily send Photos, Reels and Links while you chat.

Details covered:

Finding where you fit starting out
How to secure the RIGHT representation
How to properly increase your network
Who/Where to go for the right materials (headshots, resume, reels, etc)
The right time to join the Union
What jobs to stay away from
Why acting class is paramount
Audition prep
What Casting Directors are looking for!

The session can take place anytime after 6pm EST, and can be done via Phone or Skype. During the session, on-line access will be a neccessity so we can review your current material and casting pages. We hope to hear from you, and thanks for taking the time to read this listing. – Shannon

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$120 (Payment by PayPal. Please list your phone number when registering)

When payment is made we will coordinate the day and time with you and Mr. pierce.

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