Barry Shapiro’s 5 Wk On-Cam Commercial Class – Starts July 9th

Barry is a 35 year veteran of commercial casting, and owner of the legendary Herman & Lipson Casting. He’s cast THOUSANDS of commercials from top brands worldwide such as: OLIVE GARDEN, GOOGLE, TACO BELL, COKE, PEPSI, SPRITE, McDONALD’S, BURGER KING, HOT POCKETS, NFL, REVLON, MILLER BEER, VOLKSWAGEN & BAYER, PEPSI, J.G. WENTWORTH, CHASE, VERIZON, FORD, NEW YORK RANGERS, and numbers continue to rise.

Every aspect of the commercial business is discussed and every Actor is working in front of a camera in a real casting studio to perfect their commercial audition technique. 
Barry will work on helping you to know how to break down commercial copy quickly, and most specifically, how to make the strong choices you’ll need to nail those big auditions.

The is the ONLY class Barry teaches that is not only ON camera, but also generously recorded and sent to you every week!

July 9th, 16, 23, 30 & Aug 6th
 6:00pm – 8:00pm
@ Pearl Studios, 500 8th Ave. NYC

For questions about this class contact our Artistic Director at: or call/text 646-577-7553. (quickest replies via text).

Within These 5 Weeks, You Will Cover:
Class 1: Intro and working on Single short scripts to camera
Class 2: More Advance Single scripts to camera
Class 3: Dialogue scripts, reading from cue cards,  
Class 4:
Facial expressions and working on finding a script to do meet and greets with
Class 5: One Liners and Non-Speaking Commercials, i.e. Improv 

About Barry Shapiro
Barry is the Owner and President of Herman & Lipson Casting, and has been with the office for more than 35 years. Recent clients include: Loreal, ESPN, Advil, Verizon, among others. His passion also lies in teaching on-camera workshops for all ages. Barry travels around the country conducting acting workshops and attending talent conventions. In NYC, he teaches commercial technique and improv classes. He also directs comedy showcases. Prior to being a Casting Director, Barry managed a rehearsal studio for Broadway shows and worked as a producer for one of the most prominent fashion Commercial Directors in the business.

Attending NYCastings Commercial Workshop with Barry Shapiro, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. There is no snoozing or cell phone surfing in this class. Barry keeps every student engaged throughout the entirety. He ran us through a series of drills and exercises and gave super constructive criticism every step of the way. He reviewed our resumes and headshots and gave every student honest assessments of what their next steps should be. It literally was a Commercial Boot Camp! Not a class for babies looking to be coddled. It is utterly impossible for you to leave this class without being a substantially better commercial actor.  – Joe P.

Barry’s class is not only demanding, but absolutely necessary if you want to make it in this industry as a commercial Actor. He sees the smallest details and corrects what we miss and never even realized. I’m grateful to Barry and NYCastings for helming me grow.   Thank you both! Commercial auditions, here I come! – Rosanne L. 

Notes from our Artistic Director: For the entire duration of every class with Barry, everyone is constantly interacting, performing, and engaged. You won’t ever get that feeling of wondering when it’s “your turn”. Since timing is always key, Barry moves at a fast pace. If you can’t keep up, he will teach you how. While he’s no nonsense, and will continually push you out of your comfort zones, prepare to have a ton of fun doing it! Bonus:  He’s known for calling in students from our classes for auditions. While this is not a guarantee, do the work, pay attention, and be you. While allowing yourself to grow outside of your comfort zone, anything is possible. – Tina E.

*As always,  a membership at NYCastings is never required to take any of our awesome classes and showcases*

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