Break Into The Lucrative World Of Commercial Print – Thur., Jan. 24th


In this 2 hr. class, you will learn the ins and outs of the Commercial modeling business from Charlie Winfield of Funny Face Today models. Commercial Print is not just for models but for ALL TYPES and ALL AGES. Beauties to ‘Character’ types, Babies to Seniors. These are people that are in all the advertisements that you see everywhere. Commercial Print Models are often Actors just doing print work because of the great pay.

Topics covered:
– What is commercial print and who’s doing it!
– Kids to Seniors in commercial print work
– Who are the agencies that work in commercial print
– Identifying your type

– How to get an agency to work with you & and what do they expect from you
– Pay Rates
– The Skills of a great commercial model 

Charlie will review all student Headshots & Portfolios at the end to give constructive advice for your career.

Thursday, Jan. 24th | 6:30pm–8:30pm | Pearl Studios | 500 8th Avenue

Questions? Email our Artistic Director:, or call/text 646-577-7553. She’s happy to help!

Charlie Winfield is twenty plus (20+) year veteran of the entertainment industry by way of acting and as an agent in both Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY.

Charlie started out in the business as a child actor at the ripe age of 6yrs. and has been in the business ever since. Having done more than 35 national commercials and television as well as films and theatre productions.
After Charlie reached his goals in the acting decided to pursue his goals as an agent for film and television. Charlie was well equipped to make the eventual move to becoming a talent agent, realizing that having grown up in the business, he felt that his expertise would be better served behind the scenes. Through the years, coming to learn that as an aspiring actor, you really don’t have very many industry professionals who have the time to invest in the long term career of an actor. That being, his purpose was to be that professional willing to take the time and make an investment in the actors careers.
Charlie currently runs the commercial print division for kids/teen and adults at Funnyface Today Models Inc. Some of our clients include Parent/Child Magazine, Kids/Toys/Babies R US, Gap, Bennetton, Johnson/Johnson, Childrens Place, Limited Too, Nabisco, Phat Farm, Kmart, Kohls, Marshall Fields, Pantene, Scholastic, Kool-Aid, Nautica, Martha Stewart Magazines, Lands End, Campbells, Fuji, Canon, Verizon, AOL, Wendys, McDonalds and many many more.
You’ve heard the term “people person”, well Charlie really is a people person! He feels that as a actor you really need someone who has gone through the rigors of show business and could relate to you, “The Actor”. Charlie’s philosophy has always been that there’s the “show” & the “business”, hence show-business. You can’t have one without the other.
Make a difference…..

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