Buchwald | UGA | DDO | JGD | FBI | SHOWCASE! * March 11th

Ready for another Action packed night to showcase your talent? We are!  These 5 top Agents and Managers are looking for new Commercial Talent, and could very well be looking for you! So, here’s your chance to wow them, get called in, signed, and start getting into those BIG auditions.  Our process has been proven to work countless times. Let it work for you!  Below, we proudly share some testimonials straight from Actors’ personal experiences.

We will start off with an introduction by our panel, a brief discussion about how the Legit acting business works, Q&A, and then, it’s Showtime!
Come prepared to showcase TWO different commercial copies, both under 30 seconds, each of your own choosing. Copies will not be provided for you at the Showcase. To ensure you put your best foot forward, since you know your type more than we do, it wouldn’t be helpful if we just sent you just any random commercial, and you wouldn’t be able to come prepared. Inside scoop: The best advise is for you to choose something you feel that you would be cast for if you auditioned for it. Never choose a commercial just because it’s your favorite, or because you think it’s funny, etc.  Think of the last time you saw a commercial and thought, “Wow! I could have done that and SO much better!”   After your first take of each read, based on feedback and adjustments from the panel, you will perform a second time based on their direction. After the 2nd time, you will receive your final feedback.  Everyone does their first commercial first, and then we repeat the same process again for a second round. 
Important note: For anything that is only 30 seconds or less, to make the best impression, you really want to have it memorized.  However, if you do forget a word here or there, it’s very important to keep going. They can’t see what you’re reading to know any different. Never stop the rhythm to start over or to find your line.  The main purpose of these Showcases are for the panel to see what you, individually, bring to the table. Think outside the box, make bold choices, be daring, and be your authentic self. THAT is what they are looking for. And most importantly, they want to see you having FUN!
Bring 5 of the same headshot and resume, in color, both 8 x 10, and stapled properly. But most of all,  bring your “A” game!  Questions? Email me, your Artistic Director, at:  Tina@NYCastings.com or call/text 646-577-7553.  I will be more than happy to assist. .

Monday, Mar. 11th | 6:30pm–8:30pm |Pearl Studios 500 8th Ave.

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Showcase price – $150

All of our Showcases and Classes are On-Camera and all of your performances are sent to you via WeTransfer.

Chase Theibault – UGA
Chase Theibault is the Vice President & managing partner at UGA. He is currently the head of the On-Camera Commercial & Beauty Department and also scouts new talent for the Legit Department. Being one of the youngest agents in the business, at 22 years old, Chase has developed an eye for discovering talent. Approaching what it means to be an agent from a different angle, he is on a mission for a progressive future in the entertainment business.

Stephanie Bellarosa – Don Buchwald Agency
Stephanie cover on-camera commercials & print, and is the head of the print division at this high profile agency. Stephanie began her career in the children’s department and then was promoted to the adult division. She is currently seeking new clients of All Types-All Ethnicities (18+) from models to “real” people for commercials, commercial print, catalogues, editorial and fit modeling.

David McDermott – Jordan, Gill & Dornbaum
Jordan, Gill & Dornbaum is a full service agency representing talent of all ages for commercials and represents children and young adults for film, television and theater.  David McDermott has been a talent agent for over 20yrs, the last 10 at Jordan, Gill & Dornbaum.  JGD’s clients can be seen in movies, television, Broadway and in hundreds of commercials.  David is the director of the Adult Commercial division of the agency. Most recent bookings include Coke, Verizon, Altice, Visa, Tide, Apple etc.  Additionally over the past 15years David has taught seminars on commercial acting and the business of the business.  David is always on the lookout for new talent.

Gina Manfredi – DDO Artists Agency
Gina has been at DDO Artists Agency in NYC for five years. DDO Artists Agency is a bicoastal, full-service agency. Gina represents actors for Film, TV, and Commercial work. She has booked actors on commercials including Verizon, AT&T, Capital One, L’Oreal, Pizza Hut, UPS, and Comcast; and television shows including Law & Order SVU, Bull, Deception, Gotham, Blue Bloods, The Deuce. She is looking for eager and reliable actors to join the roster.

Chris Cooper – Frontier Booking International (FBI)
Chris has worked at Frontier Booking International for four years. Hailing from the UK he moved to New York to study acting at “The American Academy of Dramatic Arts” and eventually transitioned from performing to finding, supporting, and representing actors in helping them achieve their dreams.


I have been doing plays and singing from age 6. I was turning 16 soon and I wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. In my heart, I knew I was ready. My parents signed me up for the Film & TV Showcase at NYCastings. I met with five of the top agencies and performed my monologue. All the agents were very professional and provided good feedback. I was soon signed to a multi-year contract by an agency I performed for. I have already been on a movie shoot and I know there is a lot more to come! Tina was awesome. She is very helpful and encouraging. –  Collin K. L.
My very first showcase was with NYCastings. I auditioned in front of five agents and afterwards, received so much information on the business as well as critical feedback on my performance. After some follow-up emails, I was invited to meet with Gina Manfredi of DDO and David McDermott of Jordan, Gill, and Dornbaum! A huge shoutout to Tina for the support, she’s amazing! – Sean. M. H.I recently attended Angela Mickey’s On-Camera Commercial Acting class. I received a lot of valuable acting pointers and advice. When the class ended, I was encouraged to attend the Commercial Talent Showcase. Within days of attending the showcase I was signed by one of the agents. I am now receiving job opportunities on a continual basis. NYCastings is extremely proactive in helping clients to succeed. I will continue to use them as a resource for professional and personal advancement. I encourage anyone looking to break into commercial acting to work with NYCastings. Thank you so much for helping me receive this amazing opportunity!   – Peter Z.

After attending the commercial showcase, I was contacted by Jaime Baker Management and have begun freelancing with them. This showcase is a wonderful opportunity  to be seen by multiple agents/managers. NY Castings keeps the workshop size smaller than other classes I’ve been to which makes you feel like you get a fair amount of time to read and incorporate feedback from the agents. Tina and Aron create a warm and welcoming environment–they really care about actors and want to see them succeed. It makes it easy to have an open discussion about everyone’s work so you really can learn and understand the audition process and what agents are looking for.  – Regina R.
I had an amazing time! It was the best opportunity I’ve had to be able to showcase myself to these top agents in the industry. I will definitely be back for other upcoming showcases at The Studio at NYCastings! Thank you! – Armand M.
NYCastings brings in only the top people in our industry.  They help to put the right people behind the table for actors to ask the tough questions.  It’s nice to know that they want their actors to succeed.  They strive to set us up for success with the proper industry professionals.  I would not have met my current Manager if it were not for their platform that they provided.  It is definitely worth the time and energy to take classes with NYCastings and stay up to date with whatever they may be offering.  Thank you Aron and Tina for the great evening and for helping connect me to, what would become, my first representation in the city.”  – Jesse M.

My Showcase experience was absolutely phenomenal and an excellent learning experience for me!  I thoroughly enjoyed listening and learning best practices and technique from the panel, along with gaining insight and feedback on both of my performances and those of other attendees.  I highly recommended this event – Hands-down! –  D. Dumebi

“This was a well worth it event! The casting directors provided great personal feedback that will help you in the long run. They were all honest about the entertainment and the business side of the industry. I definitely recommend this to anyone trying to get the right l head start getting their feet wet when it comes to auditions and obtain longevity success in this industry.” – Thelma H.

Through NYCastings, I had the ability to meet with reputable agents and casting directors in NYC, a really exciting experience for me as an actor working in the Southeast for several years. I learned the the acceptable audition standards for the area and what is expected of me if I’m to make it in the NY acting market, including being a self-driver on your career. I attended multiple agent showcases and landed a manager with Zanee entertainment. It’s been a long ride but NYCastings has been my go to source of acting classes and has been a great opportunity to establish connections in the area. Tina has also been an incredible help and connection to have, and has helped me navigate this crazy landscape. I owe a lot to their services and am excited to attend further classes and showcases with them. – Jacob L.

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