Tiffany  Browne-Tavarez
Non-Union / SAG-AFTRA Eligible
Ht: 5' 3" Wt: 125 lbs.
Dress: 6   Bust: 35  
Waist: 27   Hips: 38  
Shoe: 8
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
The Yearly Harvest Lead Shady Dawn Pictures
Where Demons Dwell Supporting Shady Dawn Pictures
Duo Supporting Artistic Aura Entertainment
Acedia Supporting Joe Ciminera Films
Apex Rising Supporting Big Thunder Productions
The Library Supporting Joe Ciminera Films
The Divorce Lead Eric Naylor Productions
Dark Romance Lead 8mm Films
Venial Lead Joe Ciminera Films
Tiger Lily Supporting Hahn Films
The Shattered Mind Supporiting Deaf Vision Filmworks
E-19 Virus Supporting Joe Ciminera Films
Purification Supporting Joe Ciminera Films
The Watchers Supporting Shady Dawn Pictures
Diane Lead Prodigal Pictures
Shadow of Doubt Ep 203 Principal Stephen David Entertainment
True Crime with Aphrodite Jones S4 Ep7 Principal NBC Peacock Productions
I Killed My B.F.F. S1 Ep5 Principal Jarrett Creative Group
Joe Ciminera Presents (Web) S1 Ep2 Guest-star Joe Ciminera Films
Ceiling Art Samantha Alpha NYC Theater
Postcards From the Past Emily Parrino Afrikan Women's Repertory Theater NYC
The Truth and Nothing but the Truth..... Sylvia Afrikan Women's Repertory Theater NYC
The Right to Life Pat and women #1/4 Ujamaa Black Theater NYC
The Merry Wives of Windsor Mistress Quickly Roanoke, VA Renaissance Festival
H.M.S. Pinafore chorus Showtimers Theater Roanoke, VA
A Mid-summer Night's Dream Hermia Roanoke, VA Renaissance Festival
The Three Musketeers Kitty Roanoke, VA Renaissance Festival
Anything Goes photographer/ Passenger #1 Showtimers Theater Roanoke, VA
Acting  for  Film-  Brette  Goldstein,  Kimberly  Graham 
Commercial  Acting-  Rebecca  Yarsin,Angela  Mickey,Roger  Del  Pozo,Jagger  Kaye
Technique  and  On-camera-  Terry  Schreiber  Studios;  Robert  Verlaque,  Peter  Miner
Skills-  make-up  artistry,  drawing/painting,  jogging  long  distance,  basic/general  ice  skating,  singing  non-pro,  can  easily  learn  languages,  have  a  valid  US  passport  and  driver's  license 
*Winner  Best  Actress  Five  Towns  College  Film  Festival  for  Diane