Primary: 917.734.1758
Email: EmilyIsFocused@gmail.com

Ht: 5 ft. 6 in. Wt: 123 lbs.
Dress: 4 Bust: 32DD  Waist: 27 Hips: 37 Shoe: 11
Eye Color:
Hair Color: Brown
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano
Vocal Type: Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Pop, R&B, Rap, Rock
Street Behavior, S5 Recurring CoStar (filming) RJ Viney/ Project Boy TV
USATF Foundation Lead/Self Prod, Chris Bivins / USATF
The Mother / Brandi Carlile Lead/Mom Dir, Claire McGirr / Youtube
Battlefrog League Championships Recurring Co-Star/Self Dir, Ron Luscinski/ESPN
Full Steam Staffing Recurring Co-Star/Blue Collar Dir, Jeremy Hopwood
Chiropractic Care Recurring Co-Star/Self Dir, Doctor Shoshany
Conversation Pace Guest Star/Self Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Awards Season, S1 ep7 Guest Host/Self Dir, Halyte/Youtube
Mark 2.0 Live Guest Star/Self Dir, Mark/ Evan Ent Events
EmilyIsFocused - Documentary Lead, Self (fliming) Lalou and Jaoquin, Biscuit Filmworks
Borders Lead/Stunts Dir, Ogheneghalome Odiedi
F***, I Love NY Lead Dir, Lalou & Dammond/Biscuit Filmworks
A Woman's Choice Lead Dir, Emily Rosario/FocusedArtworks
Burundanga (Eng/Span) Supporting/Stunts Dir, BB Inc (Alfredo Perez)
Springtime Supporting/Stunts Dir, Peixuan Wang
Abdo and Saneya Supporting Omar Bakry/ Timewormz LLC
Sora (Eng/Span) Supporting Dir, April Xiong
Grand Central Public Visual Art Lead Dir, Alan and Christina / MTA
Video Game Confidential Confidential
Battle Acts Live Ensemble Dir, Galinsky Bros, Chelsea Music Hall
TAPNYC Season 45, Edgy Ensemble Dir, Bobby Holder/Triad Theater
Principles of Improv Ensemble Dir, Ellen Matthews/The Magnet Theater
The Hellp Band Ensemble Dir, Maggie Cnossen/Mercury Lounge
Obseshion Principal Dir, Dalton Allison, Obsesh Media
The Love Radio Principal iHeart Radio
Overcoming Fears Principal Dir, Adam Webber/ Callcast.co
Acting  -  James  Ciccone  -  New  York,  NY 
Meisner  Technique  -  Barbara  Marchant  -  William  Esper  Studio,  NY 
Lyndon  Technique  -  Amy  Lyndon  -  Los  Angeles,  CA 
Energy  Technique  -  Nancy  Mayans  -  William  Esper  Studio,  NY 
Principals  of  Improv  -  Ellen  Matthews  -  Magnet  Theater,  NY 
Funny  Voices  and  Feelings  -  Fred  Chong  Rutherford  -  Magnet  Theater,  NY 

Fight  Choreo  -  Chazz  Menendez  -  UATW,  New  Rochelle,  NY 
Police  and  Military  Choreo  -  Frank  Bal  -  Township  Raceway  Park,  NJ 
Action  Stunt  Performance  -  Koji  Nishiyama,  Rory  Bratter  -  UATW,  New  Rochelle,  NY 
Jeet  Kune  Do,  Orange  Belt  -  Sifu  Phil  Cruz,  Sija  Hannah  D.  Scott  -  UMAA,  Brooklyn,  NY 
English  American  Dialects:  Neutral,  New  York,  Southern,  Spanglish 
Languages:  Spanish

Hand  to  Hand  Combat,  Martial  Artist  (Orange  Belt,  Jeet  Kune  Do)
Weapons:  Rifle,  Handgun,  Bat/Stick,  Kali,  Knife
Instruments:  Guitar
Athletic Social Media Spokesmodel Deals
The  Right  Stuff  by  NASA,  OS1st,  Obsesh  Media,  Profoot,  Neptune  Ice 
Social  Apps  (Tiktok,  Likee)
Makeup/Selfcare  (Amarte  Skincare,  Everlasting  Comfort)
Supplements  (Greens  Plus,  Method  Performance,  Your  Super  Foods)
Vitamins  (Livonlabs,  Hot  Vita
Snacks  (Verb  Energy,  Power  Up  Trial  Mix)
Cooking  (Lucky  Iron  Fish)
Recovery  (Space  Ice  Therapy,  Pure  Power  Life)
Electrolytes  (Kramp  Krusher)  Clothing    Vastrm,  2XU  Compression  Apparel,  Newton  Running)
Holiday/Religious  (Gifts  for  Grandma  and  more) 

Visit my online resume at https://www.nycastings.com/EmilyRosario