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Ht: 5 ft. 9 in. Wt: 210 lbs.
Suit: 42 Shirt: 16-33 Waist: 40
30 Shoe: 10.5
Eye Color:
Hair Color: Grey
Shining On Clairvoyant Jason Fenton, Black Russian Films
60 Seconds Gambler at Cashier John 'Quig' Quigley, Chrome Bumper Films
Human Contract Homless Man Jada Pinkett-Smith, Overbrook Entertainm
Chosen Few John Roper Robin Podder, IVU-Pictures
Hollywood Monkeys CEO Executive Chad Ahrent, A-Z Productions
I Stand Here Ironing Homless Man Bruce R. Schwartz, Worn Path Productions
The White Room Man in Black Laurie Goretski, EMP Productions
Young and the Restless Various Various - 16 episodes
Snitch FBI Agent Alan Taylor, Arlington Productions
The Court Juror Jose Travino, CBS
Family Law Featured Extra Paul Haggis, CBS
First Monday In October Justice Webb Alan Miller - Odyssey Theater
The Mirror Fall Stefan Marks - Two Roads Theatre
The Mousetrap Paravicini Max Storm - Kentwood Playhouse
Equus Martin Dysart David Herman - ITC
Amadeus Salieri David Herman - ITC
Angel Street Seargant Rough Del Spain - Westchester Playhouse
Romeo & Juliet Friar Laurence David Herman - ITC
Bachelor  in  Fine  Arts,  University  of  California,  Riverside.  American  Theatre  Arts,  Don  Eitner,  Tom  Troupe,  Joseph  Ruskin  -  Instructors.  Masters  Classes  in  Shakespearian  Acting,  Richard  Pascoe,  Patrick  Stewart  and  five  members  of  the  RSC  -  Instructors.  Comedia  Del  Arte,  Dance,  Mime,  Circus  Techniques,  Hove  Burgess,  Richard  Oliver  and  William  Shepard  -  Instructors
Classically  Trained  in  Shakespearian  Theatre,  Fluent  French  &  Greek,  Regional  Dialects  and  Accents;  American,  British  and  European,  Juggling,  Motorcycle  Racing,  Computers,  Golf,  Soccer,  Tennis,  Basketball  and  Baseball
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