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Anne  DeSantis
Height   :    5'  4''       Weight :    107
Eyes :   Green   Hair :   Auburn
Bust :   33   Waist :   24
Hips :   32   Shoe :   5.5
Dress :   0          
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Primary: 215.514.0163

I started working in the modeling/acting field in 2014 at the age of 49. Since then I have steadily kept busy as a non-union actor and model in my area and in NY. I have worked with QVC for skincare progressionals, TV ads, infomercials and print ads. All of this has been done on a part-time basis balancing being a "stay at home mom" to my daughters who are now young women pursuing their own dreams and aspirations. I also work as a Promotional Model promoting lines of products in my area. I hope to continue on this journey and obtain more fun and exciting jobs. My love of God and of living a positive life is shined through in all I do!

Anne DeSantis 30 Sec Montage

Anne DeSantis 2 Minute Montage

Catholic Documentary

"Coming Home" Maggie McClure

Hyundai Commercial

Columbia Bank Commercial

Bossanova Robotics Video

Anne DeSantis 20 Sec Montage

The Morning Coffee Show RVNTV

South Jersey Radiology

In God We Trust

The Positive Side Episode

20 Second Promo Video

The Positive Side Episode 2019

The Positive Side Clip 2019

30 Second Promo Fall 2019

DeSales University TV Ad 2020

Commercial Sewing Hope Podcast

Function of Beauty Hair Care
Comcast Xfinity Ad Background Digitas, Inc.
Route 4 Paramus Car Dealership... weblink Mom Giovatto Advertising
Columbia Bank Commercial... weblink Actor Giovatto Advertising
Iceland Skincare Neck Patch Model Iceland Skincare
AMGEN Inc./Embrel Model Evoke Health/Alkemy X
Tacha Skincare Model QVC
Virtua Health Commercial Doctor GCV Productions
Penn Medicine Ad Tech/Nurse Diane Heery Casting
Pennsylvania Wine Association Model Katie Griffin Casting
Bose TV Commercial Background Actor Diane Heery Casting
Xifaxan Pharmaceutical Deli Patron in TV Commercial Diane Heery Casting
Genucel Skincare Model/Actor Shadow Box Casting
Bank of America Ad Model Heery Casting
Anzaone Law Actor Tom Musto Productions
Medical Update Magazine Cover Doctor Plaza 7 Talent
Sloane Toyota TV AD Employee Mike Lemon Casting
Medical Update Magazine Cover Doctor Plaza 7 Talent
DeSales University TV Ad Mom Ruckus Inc.
Commercial Sewing Hope Podcast... weblink Creator/Co-Producer Patchwork Heart Ministry
Bioshield Commercial Actress We Got You Agency
Function of Beauty... weblink Model/ Actress Narrative Reads Casting
Sciatica Video Actress DRS Inc.
Mighty Health App Actress Lab29 Casting
Healthgrades Video... weblink Heart Failure Patient I Love Space Station
Nestle Impact Nutrition Drink Model Bohm-Marrazzo
Before/After Model Elemis Skincare QVC
Bossanova Robotics... weblink Walmart Associate Impact Creative
Promotional Model Model for Coffee ad Lifeboat Coffee/ Arizona
Pharmaceutical Ad Print Model Abilify Ad for national campaign Abilify Pharmaceutical
Actor... weblink Extra for hospital ad Stamford Hosptial TV ad
Mark's Jewelers Ad Extra... weblink Extra in TV Ad Brighton Beach/Mark's Jewelers a...
Actor... weblink Infomercial Ad Colortastic Coloring Books
QVC Handcreme Model; SkinFix Before/After QVC
Before/After Model Paula's Choice Skincare QVC
Promotional Model Live promotions for beer and ale Jessica Scott Promotional Models...
PUSH Models Promotional Model PUSH is a national company
MomLife TV... weblink Informational Video Sandy Pelland
"The Jury Speaks" Oxygen TV role of Marica Clark, OJ Trial Glass Entertainment Group
"Law and Order" Lawyer Central Casting NY
"Law and Order" Lawyer Central Casting NY
"Blue Bloods" Doctor Central Casting NY
"Blue Bloods" Assistant DA Central Casting NY
The Morning Coffee on RVNTV... weblink Guest on Show RVNTV.TV
The Positive Side... weblink Host RVNTV
Nestle Impact Nutrition Drink... weblink Model Bohm-Marrazzo
Pumpkin & Spice Skincare Model/Actress Get Pumpkin & Spice Skincare
Tatcha Skincare Progressional Model QVC
Algenist Skincare Model QVC
Dr. Babor Skincare Skincare Model QVC
Tatcha Eye Pearl Cream Model QVC
QVC/Dr. Denese Hemp Skin Oil Model QVC/Plaza 7 Talent
Dr. Denese Skincasre Model QVC
Vanguard Ad Model/Actor Philadelphia Casting Company
The Hollywood Times... weblink Feature Jules Lavallee
Formidable Woman Magazine... weblink Feature Jules Lavalee
A Time for Compassion... weblink Creator/Co-Producer Fiat Ministry Network
"Journeys in Faith"... weblink Host/Creator Fiat Ministry Network
I started training for acting and modeling in 2014. I have taken courses with both Plaza 7 Talent and Mike Lemon Casting for acting skills. I gained a lot of my training through weekly TV interviewing on "The Positive Side on RVNTV" taped in Cherry Hill, NJ. I was a weekly host on Fridays at 12:30 and 1 p.m. EST. I currently host the "Sewing Hope Podcast" and "Journeys in Faith with Anne DeSantis" on Fiat Ministry Network. In addition, I am the director for a Catholic non-profit called The St Raymond Nonnatus Foundation helping families in crisis. This experience enriches my contact with people as we provide prayerful help and services. Learn more about this foundation at
I  am  a  55+  Model/Actress  from  the  Greater  Philadelphia  area.    I  have  been  active  in  the  field  of  acting,  modeling,  and  commercials  since  2015.    I  previously  had  my  own  TV  show  on  RVNTV  as  a  weekly  host  for  the  show  "The  Positive  Side  on  RVNTV"  interviewing  people  doing  good  things  to  make  the  world  a  better  place.  As  of  2020,  I  hope  an  on-line  podcast  and  show  with  Patchwork  Heart  Ministry  and  Fiat  Ministry  Network.  In  addition,  I  was  featured  in  "Formidable  Woman  Magazine"  in  Aug/Sept  2019.    See  the  article  at  this  link:
ACTING COURSE I  finished  a  personal  acting  course  with  Melanie  Forchetti  of  Mike  Lemon  Casting  in  King  of  Prussia,  PA  in  December  2017.    I  host  my  own  weekly  on-line  TV  show  called  "The  Positive  Side"  on  RVNTV  located  in  Cherry  Hill,  NJ.