Donna  Morales
Height   :    5'  3''       Weight :    140
Eyes :   Brown   Hair :   Blonde
Bust :   32   Waist :   29
Hips :   40   Shoe :   6.5
Dress :   6          
Vocal Range: Soprano
Vocal Type: Musical Theater, R&B

Primary: 516.356.4370
2nd: 727.869.2425
Talent Express NY - 917.841.0541

       Contact: Anastasia Rene
BMG Global Talent - 212.279.6800
     Contact: Mike Lyons
BMG Global Talent - 212.279.6800
     Contact: Mike P Lyons
Voice-over Agent:
The Talent Express - 917.841.0541
     Contact: Anastasia Rene
Commercial Print:
BMG Global - 212.279.6800
     Contact: Mike P Lyons
BMGModelsandTalent - 212.279.6800
     Contact: Michael P Lyons
BMG Global Talent - 212.279.6800
     Contact: Mike P Lyons
Donna is your strong, no-nonsense,pulls no punches on the outside combined with a compassionate,ditzy/silly center that makes her a very versatile character actress. Recently completed Lead Role in Docudrama,Gone..A Breach of Peace/Violetta Li Cari Producer-Director-Raven Reels Productions2019. Current Projects:Feature Short: Essence, Ferretti Films, Writer/Producer Gerri Ferretti Feb2020 Guys and Dolls Regional Tour as General Cartwright; Plaza Theatrical Productions,NYCFall2020 Feature Short:Supporting Role; SKIP,Tin Mirror Productions;Director/Producer Joe LoBianco July2020. Theater:Riant Theater Off Broadway virtual production: Soul To Squeeze , written,directed by Meghan Meehan, Produced by Quail Bell Productions. Audiobook:Title: Naomi and The Reckoning /VO Narrator ...


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AudioBook/Naomi and The Reckonin Narrator Christine Sloan Stoddard/Quail B...
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Donna & Darilyn's Pitbull Lounge Darilyn Beverly Bonner Director/Bdwy Com...
The Table Gabrielle Schpoonz John Blenn/MCAP Productions
TRAINING Professional  Training:
Commercial  Auditions:Scott  Powers  Studio,  David  Bellantoni,Marissa  Gordon,Stacy  Gallo(One  On  One)
Monologue,Scene  Study:The  Actor's  Instinct:  George  Gallagher 
On  Camera  Audition  techniques:ARG  Studios-Anthony  Robert  Grasso,  Regina  Schneider-Take2Actors  Studio  ,ChrisCardona-Actors  Workshop
Improvisation,  Monologue,  SceneStudy,Cold  Reads:Alima  Albari-Industry  Network- 
Broadway  Dance  Center  (Jazz,Ballet,  Musical  Theater,  Tap)
Steps  on  Broadway  (  Musical  Theater,  Jazz,  Choreography)
Variations  Dance  Company  (  Musical  Theater,  Ballet,  Jazz,  Ballet)
SPECIAL SKILLS Special  Skills  include:  varied  European,Southern  accents,cartoon  type  voices,soprano1(2),  dance  in  varied  forms  (ballet,  tap,  ballroom,  musical  theater,  jazz),improvisational  skills,  NYS  teaching  licenses,  valid  Driver  license,valid  US  Passport  weight  training  ,yoga,choreographer,bowler,  swimming,  horseback  riding  .