Kids & Teen Acting Classes w/Video Reel Included – Starts June 30

She’s back! This class is presented by The Studio at NYCastings featuring “Michele Cannon’s 4 week Kids/Teens Acting course.” Michele’s students have been signed by Top Agents, appeared on TV and Indie Films. She trains kids and teens for high level acting showcases in LA, NYC and Las Vegas. She also specializes in student and parent involvement in every aspect of the acting process. ***BONUS: Each student will receive a video copy of their commercial and Monologue!***

June 30, July 7, 14, 21
2 separate classes
Young Kids (5-12) 10am – 12pm
Teens (13-18) 12:30pm- 2:30pm
at Ripley-Grier’s NEW Space @ 305 W 38th St.

For more questions about this class, email Artistic Director or call 646-577-7553.
What your kids and teens will learn over this 4 week course
1. Finding the perfect commercial and monologue for the students video showcase reel.
2. On Character: Discuss archetypes/quality/atmosphere– students run their commercials using either the quality/archetype/or atmosphere that they picked from the hand-out given.
3. Identifying Commercial Type: To give hand-out and discuss different type of commercial; have students read their texts and identify what type of commercial their texts are based on hand-out. This helps with audition that often have no sides given beforehand see attachment for list of commercial types
4. Intro to “Power behind words”: Objectives, Actions, Specific Character immediate/overarching need
5. Intro to “Business of the Business”: Managers vs. Agents vs. Self-Booking what is it? how does it work, including discussion of Unions SAG/AFTRA/Equity; Proper way to submit yourself online and in-mail will provide sides and examples; show example of headshots, comp, and resumes. This discussion will be an on-going conversation in each class.

Homework: Research commercials for your age/type, transcribe, and bring into next class. Get off-book for week one commercials given before start of class and solidified in class. Students to wear clothes they can move in for warm-ups each class. On mock audition or classes that we film week 4, they should bring proper audition attire.
Tomorrow we will work on the following:
WEEK 2: COPY BREAKDOWN / PREPARATION rehearse commercial and monologue.
1. Physical/Text Warm-up Exercises: How to get the words out of your mind and into your body; each week one physical/vocal warm-up exercise will be added to their repertoire.
2. On Character: Discuss new archetypes/quality/atmosphere; add vocal qualities, posture variations; Run Texts, Quick review of “Power Behind Words” skill, and run pieces
3. Commercial Type: New type introduced, sides given in class; students to work through new type and begin on-camera discussion.
Homework: Students will learn new commercial materials confirmed in class from pieces brought in from home research or given by teacher. Via Backstage: find a casting opportunity that you would like to submit yourself for and bring casting notice to next class.

What is improvisation?
– physical choices of pantomime
– putting yourself in character
– commercial review
– wardrobe selection for Reel Shoot.
– Physical/Text Warm-up Exercises: Short physical warm-up using Character qualities
– On-Camera Auditioning: students to run their off-book commercials given week 2 on-camera; add mask-work to their pieces and tape; review together.

Homework: They should now be completely off-book. Take notes given; revisit all commercial monologue, and have prepared to bring in for final audition. Know what quality/atmosphere/archetype or character channel that they will be using for their piece. Work on creating one warm-up technique that has helped them the most and prepare to lead the group in the warm-up for next class. Be prepared to come into class camera/make-up ready with on-camera clothing. Class will be taped without notes on next class as final test.
Class Discussion: Headshot – resume – reel – postcards – cover letters – general submissions – auditions – referrals – casting director submissions – Casting opportunity submissions – commercial review – Full Dress Rehearsal
1. Physical/Text Warm-up Exercises: How to get the words out of your mind and into your body; each week one physical/vocal warm-up exercise will be added to their repertoire.
2. On Character: Run learned archetypes, states of tension, Power behind words techniques. What is objective, what is immediate need, vocal variety, etc?
3. Intro MOCK ON-Camera Audition: Students will have 5 minutes to change into on-camera appropriate top; we will then run the majority of the class like a mock on-camera commercial audition; students will be taped,
4. “Business of the Business”: Discuss agent submissions; casting opportunities; which memberships to invest in?
Parent/Teacher chat: Final Review & Next steps with parents. The parents will be given a brief walk-through of best next steps and encouraged to submit their students to their desired agent/project if they have not already.

About Michele Cannon
She has worked as a Staff Acting Teacher in the Children/Teen/Young Adult Dept. at JNYC and currently is engaged in coaching for Young Performers at “The System – NY” and will be teaching at the Syracuse Acting Studio in. She is the founder and CEO of Infinite Intel Productions LLC, Michaiah Enterprises, LLC and Michaiah Beauty LLC. In her spare time, she reads political suspense novels, is an avowed foodie and amateur chef and makes jams and preserves for her own line, “Soul Jams”.

Class size Limited, So Register Early
Class Credit Only for Cancellations.

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