Kissing Jessica Stein – Adult Females – Comedic

“Wow, you look great.” from the film “Kissing Jessica Stein.” Two women talk about trying out lesbianism. Ideal for Adult Females in their 20-30s. 1-2 Mins.

Written By: Heather Juergensen  and Jennifer Westfeldt


H: Hi


J: Hi


H: Hi, come in.


Thank you.






Wow, you look great.


Oh, no, thank you, no.  You do, I’m a mess.


Your shoes are gorgeous.


Oh thanks for noticing.


Are they Nine West.


No, Kenneth Cole.


You’re kidding.




Oh, well they’re very sexy.  They suit you.


Uh, could we cut to the chase for a sec.  Just get the hard topics out of the way.


Sure, What’s on your mind?


Well, it’s just that whenever I have thought about lesbianism in the past I’ve always thought ew.  Ew, just, can’t go there, can’t get excited, I mean what would we do?


Right.  Right. I mean, this is your big issue.


Right. But I had such a wonderful time with you the other night


Oh me too


I really did, and I’ve been marinating on things and um anyway, I have taken the liberty of getting some informational materials on the topic and I wondered if I might…


Oh, of course.


Okay, well, this one leaflet was particularly intriguing to me- Lesbian Sex: Hot, Safe, and Sane- do you know it?


Uh, no, but please, share, I’d love to see it.


Okay.  I was surprised to learn that lesbians accessorize.  I didn’t know that.  For example on page 11, I dog-eared it, they show some of the higher tech lesbian accoutrement.




Yeah.  So, gosh, how would this work?


Well, I think I would just strap that on.


No, no. That’s not fair.  I mean, we should certainly trade off and share the load in terms of giving and receiving, but that doesn’t address the actual gross out factor, if you will.  No offense. No offense.


Oh, no, no, none taken.


Okay, cause I mean, look at you.  Who wouldn’t want to have sex with you?  I mean, do you?


Look, Jess, let’s not put the cart before the horse here with all the high tech stuff, you know, cause we don’t need any of that.


We don’t?


I myself have always preferred the standard, organic, old fashioned way.


Right.  You’re right. So that’d be just…?


Well, it’s basically the same as with a man, except, minus one thing, you know?


Right, yes, well, right.


And let’s face it, it’s the other stuff that works for women anyway, right?


Well, yes, that is true.




Is that Barry White?


Uh, no.




I’m gonna have to go slow, okay?


Oh, okay.  Whatever you need.


(lean in for kiss)


Is this with tongue?


Um, I think we should just play it by ear.  See how it goes.


Okay, great.






Too much?


Little bit.


Sorry, sorry.


But it was good up until then, right?




(kissing, stomach)


Oh my God, please don’t do that.


That was just your stomach.


I know, I can’t do that.  Ever. Really, even with a man.


Wow. Okay. Okay.



That was really good!  I thought that was, you know, the best time ever.


(high five)

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