Talent Managers Showcase for 5 Top Managers – Thur., AUGUST. 15th

Talent managers Showcase
Looking for Top Representation from a Personal Manager? Then get ready for an action packed night to showcase your talent, because these 5 well managers are looking for new talent.

We start off the evening with an introduction by our panel, and a brief discussion on how the acting business works and how a manager can help you.
2 Rounds: Showcase your first prepared Monologue or Scene from a TV or movie. When you’re finished, stay right there, because the panel gives you feedback and adjustments for you to follow, as you get to perform the same a second time based on their notes. So, be ready to think fast on your feet in following their direction. After your 2nd read, the panel will give you your final critique. 
Choosing the right Material: Think of the last time you saw a Film or TV Show and thought, “Wow! I could so relate to that character or I could have done that and SO much better”.  Or, think of anything you’re passionate about. Whatever you choose, if you forget a word or line, keep going, because the panel doesn’t know what you’re reading so they don’t know that you’ve made a mistake. While always great to be off book, it’s never a memorization contest. What they care about most is what your unique style, and what will make you stand out from everyone else.  That’s what you always need to think about.
What to bring: 5 of the same headshot and resume, in color, both 8 x 10, and stapled properly. But most importantly,  bring your “A” game, and bring your confidence.  The moment you walk into the room, stage, audition, etc., your confidence and the way you carry yourself is what they notice first.  Even the way you slate is also very important too!
All of our Showcases and classes are On-Camera, and generously recorded and emailed to you.  Questions? Email me, your Artistic Director, at: Tina@NYCastings.com or call/text 646-577-7553. I can assist in finding you the perfect material. In doing so, when you sign up, email to me your headshot and resume and time when you’re available for a quick chat over the phone. 

Thursday, Aug. 15th | 6pm–8pm | Pearl Studios 500 8th Ave.

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Showcase price – $150

Good Advice Article: What Agents And Managers Are Looking For At A Talent Showcase


Cathy Kanner – Owner, Kanner Entertainment
Cathy Kanner started her career as a dancer and actor in New York. After realizing she loved the business aspect of the industry more, she worked with producer/director Rupert Hitzig and Alan King, the comedian, who had a production company based here. She then went to work for the talent agent Don Buchwald where she worked as an assistant in commercials, TV, and film and spent many years learning the representation of actors. Being torn between representing actors and developing scripts, Cathy went on to assist Boaty Boatwright, the head of MGM Studios and East Coast film production in New York.

It was there that she met many luminaries, producers, directors, well-known writers and celebrities. This job took her to California, where she worked for Freddie Fields, vice president of MGM and producer of “Crimes of the Heart”, “Poltergeist 2″, and “Glory”. After this Cathy worked for manager/producer Erwin Stoff, now a partner at Three Arts Entertainment in California. It was there that Cathy learned the business of managing actors including working with Keanu Reeves, Bill Paxton, Annie Potts, and some major showrunners amongst others. Cathy moved back to New York with her husband, and opened up her own management company with a partner. She has been managing actors for thirty years. Over the course of her career, she developed Gary Dourdan and put him on CSI, James McCaffrey (Viper and Swift Justice”, Arthur Nascarella and John Vantimiglia from the Sopranos, Jennifer Esposito, Lauren Valez, Susan Misner (Americans, Billions, etc..), Eric Jensen, Jeremy Strong (Lincoln, etc…), Boyd Holbrook (Narcos), amongst others. Currently she has clients on The Affair and Billions. Reggie Austin, her client of over ten years, recently completed 10 episodes on Agent Carter for ABC and Sean Mahon completed a series regular role on Red Rock which was shot in Ireland and sold to BBC.
Deborah Dotoli – AAG Talent
In 2005 I became involved with the entertainment industry as a Talent Manager.  My client list is small and selective based on what I see in that actor as far as talent, work ethic, and stamina. I work with Union and Non-Union Actors both at the beginning of their careers and also established actors.  I represent  actors in film, television, theater, Commercial, Print and Voice Over work. AAG Talent is also a member of the Talent Managers Association.

Kevin Thompson – Owner, Thompson Talent Management
Client TV & Film credits include LAW AND ORDER: SVU, BLUE BLOODS, LOUIE, UGLY BETTY, MERCY,  DROP DEAD DIVA, 30 ROCK and many more – as well as many big feature films such as AVATAR and GHOST TOWN.
Alaina Feehan – Talent Riot!
Alaina Feehan is owner of the new NY based management company, Talent Riot! She is formerly the head Across the Board Talent Agency’s New York office. Alaina has almost a decade of experience in talent representation. Clients she has worked with in the past have booked major films, series regular roles on NBC, Netflix, and the WB, guest star,recurring, and co-starring roles for most NYC based shows, Broadway, and regional theatre

Ben Padula – Owner, Avenue B Talent
After ten years working as an assistant at Padua Kassel management and freelancing in television and film production, Benjamin Padua saw the need for a management company that understood not only how to cultivate talent, but also to prepare talent for how hectic casting offices and life on set can get. So Avenue B Talent was founded in 2014 with a focus in new and up and coming talent. With a production background and being a sister company of Hedley Productions, Avenue B works to not just get auditions for our clients, but to prepare them for what to expect in each casting office and understand set etiquette once they book. They also help clients cultivate their own projects and network in the city between jobs. As a management company rather than an agency, they have a small roster and consider their clients to be family. They know our clients well they know exactly what they’re bringing to a project. Recent Client Bookings Include: The Blacklist, Seven Seconds, Difficult People, Mr. Robot, Broad City, Maniac, Bronx SIU, and several pilots and features, including Can Hitler Happen Here which premiered at The Cannes Film Festival.



After years of doing background work,  I wanted to find an Avenue of opportunity to further my career by seeking representation of a legit Agent/Manager.  Thank you Tina and NYCastings for hosting and presenting the TV and Film Showcase! In my judgement, it was the best place to achieve my goal! In a small classroom setting,  there were “5” Reps from different agencies who gave us some background of who they are and afforded us an opportunity to ask questions before we began one by one so we could deliver our best audition to the 5 Reps. One day later I was contacted by The Steinberg Management group who offered me a contract which I immediately signed!  NYCastings is a great place to launch your Career, so what are you waiting for!
– Phill H.
With showcases here it’s more than just showing what you’ve got. At NYCastings, the panel’s are always top notch. Aside from a very informative Q&A, the best part?  You get to take their feedback and adjustments because you get a 2nd chance to make that first impression. After that you get feedback again. It’s awesome. I’m very grateful for these showcases. Thank you NYCastings! – Chermaine W.

I have been doing plays and singing from age 6. I was turning 16 soon and I wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. In my heart, I knew I was ready. My parents signed me up for the Film & TV Showcase at NYCastings. I met with five of the top agencies and performed my monologue. All the agents were very professional and provided good feedback. I was soon signed to a multi-year contract by an agency I performed for. I have already been on a movie shoot and I know there is a lot more to come! Tina was awesome. She is very helpful and encouraging. –  Collin K. L.….

My very first showcase was with NYCastings. I auditioned in front of five agents and afterwards, received so much information on the business as well as critical feedback on my performance. After some follow-up emails, I was invited to meet with Gina Manfredi of DDO and David McDermott of Jordan, Gill, and Dornbaum! A huge shoutout to Tina for the support, she’s amazing! – Sean. M. H.
I recently attended Angela Mickey’s On-Camera Commercial Acting class. I received a lot of valuable acting pointers and advice. When the class ended, I was encouraged to attend the Commercial Talent Showcase. Within days of attending the showcase I was signed by one of the agents. I am now receiving job opportunities on a continual basis. NYCastings is extremely proactive in helping clients to succeed. I will continue to use them as a resource for professional and personal advancement. I encourage anyone looking to break into commercial acting to work with NYCastings. Thank you so much for helping me receive this amazing opportunity!   – Peter Z..
After attending the commercial showcase, I was contacted by Jaime Baker Management and have begun freelancing with them. This showcase is a wonderful opportunity  to be seen by multiple agents/managers. NY Castings keeps the workshop size smaller than other classes I’ve been to which makes you feel like you get a fair amount of time to read and incorporate feedback from the agents. Tina and Aron create a warm and welcoming environment–they really care about actors and want to see them succeed. It makes it easy to have an open discussion about everyone’s work so you really can learn and understand the audition process and what agents are looking for.  – Regina R.
I had an amazing time! It was the best opportunity I’ve had to be able to showcase myself to these top agents in the industry. I will definitely be back for other upcoming showcases at The Studio at NYCastings! Thank you! – Armand M.

NYCastings brings in only the top people in our industry.  They help to put the right people behind the table for actors to ask the tough questions.  It’s nice to know that they want their actors to succeed.  They strive to set us up for success with the proper industry professionals.  I would not have met my current Manager if it were not for their platform that they provided.  It is definitely worth the time and energy to take classes with NYCastings and stay up to date with whatever they may be offering.  Thank you Aron and Tina for the great evening and for helping connect me to, what would become, my first representation in the city.”  – Jesse M.

My Showcase experience was absolutely phenomenal and an excellent learning experience for me!  I thoroughly enjoyed listening and learning best practices and technique from the panel, along with gaining insight and feedback on both of my performances and those of other attendees.  I highly recommended this event – Hands-down! –  D. Dumb…
“This was a well worth it event! The casting directors provided great personal feedback that will help you in the long run. They were all honest about the entertainment and the business side of the industry. I definitely recommend this to anyone trying to get the right l head start getting their feet wet when it comes to auditions and obtain longevity success in this industry.” – Thelma H.
….. ..
Through NYCastings, I had the ability to meet with reputable agents and casting directors in NYC, a really exciting experience for me as an actor working in the Southeast for several years. I learned the the acceptable audition standards for the area and what is expected of me if I’m to make it in the NY acting market, including being a self-driver on your career. I attended multiple agent showcases and landed a manager with Zanee entertainment. It’s been a long ride but NYCastings has been my go to source of acting classes and has been a great opportunity to establish connections in the area. Tina has also been an incredible help and connection to have, and has helped me navigate this crazy landscape. I owe a lot to their services and am excited to attend further classes and showcases with them. – Jacob L.

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