Musical Theatre Showcase w/5 Top Theatre Agents – July 30th


1 Action Packed night to showcase your talent in front of 5 Agents that represent, and are looking for new Musical Theatre Actors. Sing your heart out, Blow them away, get signed and start getting into the big theatre auditions!

This is On-Camera and performances are recorded and sent out to Talent & Agents!

The night starts off with a discussion panel about how the Theatrical acting business works and about each Agent. Then, each Actor will come to class prepared, and preferably off-book, to perform their Song of choice in front of the agents. Piano accompanist provided. After your first run-through, Agents may ask to make adjustments and see how you take direction. Bring 5 Headshots & resumes. Songs and sheet music should be submitted beforhand. Limited spots available!

July 30th – 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Ripley-Grier @ 939 8th Ave.


Earlybird price is $170

For more questions about this class, email our Artistic Director: or call 646-577-7553.

Agent Bios: 

JEREMY SICKLES – Daniel Hoff Agency
Daniel Hoff Agency is celebrating its 25th year in business! Jeremy works as a legit agent in the New York office and specializes in theater. They have clients on Broadway, National Tours, and Regional Theaters around the country. Some recent bookings include The Cher Show, Summer: The Donna Summer Musical, Mean Girls, Escape to Margaritaville, School of Rock, Hamilton, Book of Mormon, Beautiful, Cats, Aladdin, Phantom of the Opera, Soft Power, Anastasia; recent TV spots including Kimmy Schmidt, The Path, Orange is the New Black. Jeremy is actively seeking talented and passionate actors to build their roster.

ETHAN KASNETT – Paradigm Talent Agency
Ethan Kasnett is currently working with Tim Sage, Head of Theatre at Paradigm Talent Agency. Ethan previously worked at Telsey + Co, and prior to that, was the Director of Marketing and Social Media at Summer365. With a BFA in Musical Theater at the University of Miami and a professional actor for 4 years thereafter, to say Ethan has a passion for musical theater and knows the business well would be an understatement.

JOHN SHEA – Frontier Booking International (FBI)
John Shea, Director of the New York office of Frontier Booking International (FBI), has helped maintain and strengthen its reputation as a top agency for performers. FBI is known for establishing the careers of some of today’s top stars, beginning with its first client, Courtney Cox.
FBI found its beginnings as an agency in the music industry over 30 years ago, having managed a vast roster of musical talent including such names as Sting, Snoop Dogg, Modern English, Jane’s Addiction and R.E.M. The ever-growing talent division of FBI specializes in performers of all ethnicities, ranging from children and teens to adults. Their clients have been recognized in various mediums of entertainment (especially film, television and theatre). John and his team work tirelessly to help promote and advance the careers of the performers on the FBI roster.

CHARLIE WRIGHT – Wright Talent Management
Wright Talent Management is small, boutique type management company with a small and growing list of marketable actors and actresses. We have been in the business for about 20 years. Wright Talent Management is dedicated to ethical practices within the talent management industry. We represent TV/Film actors in NY, LA and the Southeast and work with all the major casting agencies and agents in these locations. Our clients have appeared in almost every episodic in NY and many in Los Angeles. We have a strong musical theatre contingent that work on a regular basis. Currently have musical theatre actors working on Broadway, national tours, regional theatre and cruises. Wright Talent Management is always on the look-out for talented actors. We work closely with them to further their careers and help all of us become more successful.

HENRY RAVELO – Six Degrees Worldwide Entertainment
Henry Ravelo is the President of 6 Degrees Worldwide Entertainment; proudly boasting a roster that is diverse in Race, Ethnicity and Gender. Our job is to generate Commercial Success and Career Longevity for each and every client. A veteran actor of Broadway, Television and Film, Henry began his management career in High Fashion serving on the Men’s Board at the Agency that created the First Male Supermodel. Along with a team of associates, he manages the careers of the Top LGBT & Allied Artists, Talent & Influencers. His developing talent focuses on Triple Threats for Theatre, Film and TV.

Recent bookings include: The GoGo’s Broadway Musical, Head Over Heels, Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, Ryan Murphey’s POSE on FX, HBO Room 104, The Manhattan Mini Storage campaign with no less than 5 new shows in development with various networks & production companies worldwide.

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