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10/19 | Student Film | SAG-AFTRA/Non-Union |  No Pay
BETSY: Female | Caucasian | Age: 40 - 60 | Role Type: Supporting
She is the mother of main character and wife of closeted Bill. Assumes the best in everyone. A bit ditsy. A huge heart, which clouds her judgement at times.

WILLIAM: Male | Caucasian | Age: 40 - 60 | Role Type: Supporting
The father of main character who is in love with James, despite being married to Betsy. Secretly gay. Hyper-masculine to cover his queerness. A bit self-centered (assumes everything revolves around him), which is his biggest downfall.


10/16 | Student Film | SAG-AFTRA/Non-Union |  No Pay
JASON: Male | Hispanic | Age: 20 - 30 | Role Type: Supporting
Jason is a ghost that has a lot of angst, due to dying at such a young age. He despises the living and has a strong opinion on cemeteries, since it is where he spends most of his time. He believes they are waste of space since people eventually start to visit less and less. He finds himself alone and angry that the living have forgotten him. He died on his 22nd birthday by cause of an overdose.

WALLEY: Male | Hispanic | Age: 40 - 50 | Role Type: Leading
Walley's character is a big hearted, smooth, middle age Puerto Rican. Being very charismatic, Walley is a people's person who could get along with almost anyone. He can be loud sometimes, but does not mean harm; just a passionate person. Since the loss of his mother he finds himself lonely at times. Before her passing, Walley was his mother's caregiver as she was battling cancer. Her passing has left a hole in Walley's life which he struggles to climb out of. He tries to visit his mother's grave regularly.


10/15 | Short Film | Non-Union |  Pay
CHRIS: Male | Any Ethnicity | Age: 25 - 38 | Role Type: Supporting
Brash gay punk boy. Chris loves to push people's buttons. He's playful and energetic, but doesn't seem to pick up when he offends other people. He loves showing off in a group, and needs that type of affirmation. Queer actors strongly encouraged to apply. No pay.

DREAM OBSERVERS: Male or Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 23 - 45 | Role Type: Supporting
Two dream observers in the fantasy dream room, where they will be noting and observing VHS dreams. This will be more of a movement, choreographed role. Non-speaking roles. No pay.

LETI: Female | African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Mid-East-Indian, Multi-Ethnic, Pacific-Islander, Native-American | Age: 23 - 36 | Role Type: Leading
Mixed race hard femme punk. She's the matriarch of the queer punk community. Leti is exuberant, no non-sense, and incredibly protective of her community. People notice her when she walks into a room, and if they don't, she'll remind them that they should. Queer actors strongly encouraged to apply. Rate: $100/day.

QUEER PUNKS: Male or Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 21 - 47 | Role Type: Background
Talent to portray queer club patrons. Some extras will have more active roles like interacting with the lead characters, while others will serve as background extras. Must be able to provide own 90's outfit, preferably 90's punk or underground/art scene. Queer, gender non-conforming and transgender actors strongly encouraged to apply. No pay.

RIO: Female | Asian, Multi-Ethnic | Age: 21 - 32 | Role Type: Leading
DIY punk/artist, who dresses in more masculine and androgynous clothing. Rio is an intuitive, introspective and curious person. She is still exploring her gender expression, and with that her ways of accepting and opening up to intimacy. (Rio is referred to in she and they pronounce, because they are exploring their gender identity in this film). Queer and gender non-conforming actors strongly encouraged to apply. Rate: $100/day.

TINA: Female | African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Mid-East-Indian, Multi-Ethnic, Pacific-Islander, Native-American | Age: 21 - 33 | Role Type: Supporting
Very grounded and intentional. Tina has no interest in the superficiality of the queer punk scene. She's solid in her opinions and views. She wants to create thoughtful connections and community. She also has a romantic interest in Rio. Queer actors strongly encouraged to apply. No pay.

WEAVER: Female | African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Mid-East-Indian, Multi-Ethnic, Pacific-Islander, Native-American | Age: 26 - 45 | Role Type: Leading
Mysterious, composed and succinct, Weaver conducts the dream recordings of various unknown people. Though she can be intimidating, she has insight into what blocks other people from fulfilling their authentic desires, and wants to prompt the spiritual growth of others. Rate: $100/day.


10/11 | Student Film | Non-Union |  No Pay
JOSH: Male | Any Ethnicity | Age: 25 - 36 | Role Type: Leading | Video Reel Required
Talent to portray Josh, a disgruntled son who hates his father for ruining the family dynamic some ten years ago. There was a huge incident that caused Josh to move away from his family and he hasn't talked to his Father since the falling out. Being the independent, successful guy he is, he wants to show his Mother that he is right, not his Mother. Adult male, independent and loves to cook.


10/11 | Student Film | SAG-AFTRA/Non-Union |  No Pay
CHRISTINA WOODS: Female | Caucasian | Age: 40 - 55 | Role Type: Supporting | Hair: Blonde
Character is 47 yrs. old. Christina is a younger-looking friend of Mary's who's twice as passive aggressive. She's the newly crowned President of the country club and has slowly taken everything from Mary's social standing to her husband from her. She's shallow and rather image obsessed, and holds her recovering addict son to a strict schedule. She's afraid of her mob boss husband, Marco, and when Mary gets in business with Marco, she has Christina under her thumb because of the dirt she has on her.

HAILEY YATES: Female | Caucasian | Age: 18 - 28 | Role Type: Supporting
Character is 25 yrs. old. Mary's loving daughter that's moved from their town to go to art school in New York city, but visits home frequently. She's fearless and independent, and fierce towards people who'll hurt her family and friends. Hailey takes care of her mother after she kicks out Sebastian and really needs the help, but when she goes out on her own to find her when she goes missing, she gets sucked into the illegal activity that ensues.

MARCO WOODS: Male | Caucasian | Age: 55 - 65 | Role Type: Supporting
Character is 56 yrs. old. The powerful and ruthless boss of the local Mafia that intimidates anyone he crosses. His reputation for violence and brutal protection of his territory precedes him around the whole New York Tri-State area, so he has little patience for the failings of his underlings in dealing with Sebastian's debts. Marco hates mixing family with business.

MARY YATES: Female | Caucasian | Age: 43 - 58 | Role Type: Leading | Hair: Brown
Character is 50 yrs. old. A housewife that could've been her husband's boss if she didn't focus on supporting their daughter who has now left the nest. Mary gets less and less satisfaction from her existence every day, as her social influence in the neighborhood wanes as well. She's a prim and proper housewife that can style hair and match an outfit like no other, but Mary is far less shallow than most anyone in her country club, and a truly great mother. When her husband's infidelity and debts to the mob are revealed, this gives her the unexpected momentum to turn an accidental kidnapping into an exciting and illegal new line of business. Bossing around c-list goons turns out to be more similar to raising a child than you think.


10/10 | Student Film | SAG-AFTRA/Non-Union |  No Pay
GUARDS: Male | Caucasian, Hispanic, Multi-Ethnic, Native-American | Age: 18 - 40
Talent to portray ruthless, intimidating guards dressed in a full-body armor suit. Tall, physically fit.


10/2 | Student Film | SAG-AFTRA/Non-Union |  Pay TBD
ADEL: Male | Mid-East-Indian, | Age: 40 - 55 | Role Type: Supporting
Talent to portray Amin's brother. Enterprising, logical, and unshakable. He left Lebanon soon after the war broke out. He gets easily provoked in arguments with his brother. Arabic-speaking role.

AMIN: Male | Mid-East-Indian, | Age: 40 - 55 | Role Type: Leading
Talent to portray Amin. An ex-accountant. He is bitter about working at a bakery in the U.S. conservative class. He tries to stay strong and hopeful. Arabic-speaking role.

MADELAINE: Female | Mid-East-Indian, | Age: 40 - 55 | Role Type: Leading
Talent to portray Madelaine. She feels isolated in the U.S. and is deeply nostalgic for pre-war Lebanon. She seems on the verge of despair/collapse but has an understated strength. Arabic-speaking role.

ZEINA: Female | Mid-East-Indian, | Age: 40 - 55 | Role Type: Supporting
Talent to portray Adel's wife. Charismatic and unafraid. She speaks her mind but can seem condescending. She adapts well to the U.S. and has no time for complaints. Arabic-speaking role.

AMIR: Male | Mid-East-Indian | Age: 35 - 49 | Role Type: Leading
Actor should be bilingual in Arabic/English. Talent portrays an Arab, Al Pacino type. A pharmacist sick of his life's routine, finds the cure in Maya. NOTE: Actors nationwide may submit. Out of town actor will be provided round trip airfare and housing in Miami. Please indicate in your cover note the state where you're from. If possible please submit video reel.