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8/15 | Voice-Over | Non-Union |  Pay
BILL CLINTON SOUND/ALIKE: Male | Caucasian | Age: 45 - 65 | Audio Reel Required
Talent must be a Bill Clinton sound/alike for a test spot, focus group VO project. If possible please provide your audio reel.


8/13 | Live Event | Non-Union |  Pay TBD
MALE TALENT W/DEEP VOICE: Male | Caucasian, | Age: 21 - 55 | Video Reel Required | Audio Reel Required
NOTE: This role is open to actors who can create voices and to voiceover actors. Talent must have deeper voice (please do not submit if you have a higher pitch voice). Clean shaven, no facial hair. This is for a motion capture project so talent should be comfortable wearing a skin tight suit and a special helmet containing a head cam for facial tracking. You will be a digital character streaming live and interacting with a client in real time. Motion capture experience not needed but the ideal actor should have experience in creating voice overs. If selected we will request a short recording of the performer imitating a voice from a video. Please submit video reel or voice reel where we can hear you speaking.

8/13 | Voice-Over | Non-Union |  Pay
JULIENNE: Female | Caucasian, | Age: 18 - 25 | Role Type: Supporting | Audio Reel Required
Talent to portray Julienne, a Cajun, 15 years old, who has been abducted by a UFO. She is confused, scared and frightened, but she also brings some comic relief. She MUST absolutely sound authentic.

MEN IN BLACK 1-3: Male | Any Ethnicity | Age: 18 - 50 | Role Type: Day Player | Audio Reel Required
Talent to portray agents of a world-wide cabal. They are serious, but not severe, they even talk about lending CDs to each other. When they need to, they can throw down. In this pilot they are a smaller part, but in future stories, buckle up.

TERRORIST 1 AND 2: Male | Any Ethnicity | Age: 18 - 40 | Role Type: Day Player | Audio Reel Required
Talent to portray two revolutionaries from a fictional country. Small roles, but intense, they don't need to be any specific ethnicity, religion, worldview, but they need to play like their entire lives have come to this moment.

VARIOUS ROLES: Male or Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 18 - 65 | Role Type: Day Player | Audio Reel Required
Talent to portray various roles. There are many small roles that members of the cast will play, both male and female. You will know, and be given a script in advance of the recording dates. These roles include Doctors, Nurses, Pilots (several of them), Police Officers, and Bank Tellers. We will also require people for a WALLA session. We will cast based on how we hear the role matched up with your voice and talent, if in doubt- please audition.


8/6 | Voice-Over | SAG-AFTRA/Non-Union |  Pay
VOICE OF SHAWN: Male | Any Ethnicity | Age: 18 - 40
Talent is the voice of Shawn. Shawn is the cousin of Natasha. He engages in a phone conversation with her. Actor will be off-screen and his voice will only be heard. Must be able to deliver a reassuring tone and then a condescending tone. Actor with voice reel or mp3 is a big plus.


3/28 | Voice-Over | Non-Union |  Pay
VOICE-OVER TALENT: Male | Any Ethnicity | Age: 18 - 60 | Role Type: Leading | Audio Reel Required
The Knight King from Games of Thrones does not have a speaking voice but we imagine him being smart, witty guy with a fairly deep voice. Maybe open to someone with a great energetic voice that doesn't quite fit into this idea. Must have a somewhat deep and articulate voice - think Dennis Haysbert. Able to speak fast and clearly.