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4/19/2019 |   | Union/Non-Union |  Pay
V/O TALENT: Female | Asian | Age: 40 - 55 | Role Type: Leading | Video Reel Required | Audio Reel Required
Talent must be a Vietnamese - VO Talent (Native speaker only). VO performer is preferred to be 40-55, having warm and mature voice. Voice recording only, no photo shoot. Audio reel is required. You can submit video reel if you don't have your voice sample(s) in audio format. Previous vocal work samples in the same category are welcome. VO talents without previous works about medical products can self-record a short voice sample introducing any medicine that solves health issues. If selected an email will be sent to you with more instructions.


4/8/2019 |   | Non-Union |  Pay
DANIEL JONES: Male | African-American | Age: 15 - 18 | Role Type: Leading
Daniel Jones is 15. Talkative, preppy, smart and perpetually insecure. Daniel is grappling with his parent's separation, his relocation out of the suburbs and into the city and heavily relies on his intelligence as a coping mechanism. During the course of the story, Daniel discovers, investigates and has to choose between two versions of his own life.

JORGE PERRERA: Male | Hispanic | Age: 15 - 18 | Role Type: Supporting
Jorge Perrera is 15, Latinx. A man of few words, Jorge goes with the flow but is wiser than he seems.

KATIE CHU: Female | Asian | Age: 15 - 18 | Role Type: Supporting
Katie Chu is 15, a Chinese American. A seemingly happy-go-lucky, vibrant slacker, Katie is the heart of her friend group. She lives life as though she has nothing to lose.

LOLA VELASQUEZ: Female | Hispanic | Age: 15 - 18 | Role Type: Supporting
Lola Velasquez is 15, Latinx. Smart, sarcastic and needy. Lola is Daniel's best friend from his hometown. Though she is capable and an accomplished young woman, Lola has dark secrets of her own.

PORTER EGAN: Male | Caucasian | Age: 15 - 18 | Role Type: Supporting
Porter Egan is 15. Grouchy, sardonic and alarmingly overprotective of his friends. Porter is initially antagonistic to Daniel but grows to accept his presence.

ABIGAIL JONES: Female | African-American | Age: 18 - 23 | Role Type: Supporting
Abigail Jones, 18. Daniel's older sister. Bright, compassionate and sweet, but she sees her teen brother as a baby.

MR. GORDON: Male | Caucasian | Age: 30 - 39 | Role Type: Supporting
Mr. Gordon, 30's. Daniel's English teacher. Tries to be supportive and helpful, at least to a point.

ELEANOR JONES: Female | African-American | Age: 35 - 45 | Role Type: Supporting
Mother of Daniel Jones, a doctor. With the blessing of her husband, Eleanor leaves the family to chase a long-forgotten dream to work for Doctors Without Borders. Perfectionist, capable and level-headed. Some might find her selfish.

LILAH GREENE: Female | Caucasian | Age: 40 - 49 | Role Type: Supporting
Lilah Greene, 40's. Kind but melancholic. Lives alone. Still mourning the disappearance and assumed death of her daughter, three years prior.

TYRONE JONES: Male | African-American | Age: 40 - 49 | Role Type: Supporting
Tyrone Jones, 40's. Father of Daniel Jones. Home Care Nurse. When he separated from his wife and becomes the sole caregiver of his son, he begins to develop a deeper relationship with Daniel, though in the past he was more emotionally detached.