Seeking New Acting Coaches – NY – LA – GA for Skype Sessions

The Studio at NYCastings - On on One

We’re currently seeking Experts in Show business to give One-On-One Video Coaching Sessions to our Talent and the Talent of the world though a new system that we have using Skype or Phone for the Sessions in conjunction with our DirectSubmit™ Features from that talent.

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The Talent are looking for Coaches that can help them with:
Auditions – Coach them for the Live Auditions, Self-Tapings or General Technics. 
Career Advice – Film/TV Acting, Theatre, Voice-Overs, Moving to LA or NY, Ect. 
Scene Study & techniques

If Any Casting Directors or Talent Agents or Professional Acting Teachers like to do Audition Coaching or give Career Advice like this please contact us.  We are only seeking experienced coaches right now. Our experts would need several years experience in their field.