The NYCastings Holiday Special – SAVE 52%

The NYCastings Holiday Special is Here! You can save 52%
off the standard monthly subscription rate for just $80 for the year. - 500
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This is equally to $6.67/ mo. NYCastings is the cheapest way to book more work in show business. This is for a limited time only, so get it now. 

Thousands of projects a year use NYCastings / DirectSubmit to find their on-camera talent. Get a great deal or save on your current DirectSubmit account.

Gift Cards are available

The special ends: Friday, Jan. 17th, 6PM.

If you are not currently a Member of NYCastings,
Click here to get the special and add your resume now

If you are a current member, Call or Email us to get the Special Rate!

212.812.1441 x 2

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