Isha  Sumner
Ht: 5' 7" Wt: 118 lbs.
Dress: 42   Bust: 34D  
Waist: 26   Hips: 34  
Shoe: 39
Eyes: Brown Hair: Black
The Agencies I freelance with are: Innovative Artist Commercial Division About Face Print and Commercial Division Carson Adler Tv/Legit H/H management covers all Divisions
Essence Lost Lead Sterling Productions
Close Your Eyes Lead Ai Kariya/ NYFA
Exchanged Student Lead Tania Jackson
Affinity Co-Star Dan Braveman
Elements of the Universe Featured Steven Jenkins
Law and Order Torture Victim Peter Leto/NBC Universal Television
VH1 On Air Promo Chanter VH1 Productions
Centro America Show Host Bronx Cable Channel
Happy Hour Show Lead Michael chekhov Theater Co.
The Marital Bliss of Francis and Maxine Chorus Impact Theater Company
Theater Workshop Lead Thalia Spanish Theater
Pyranee International Festival Chorus Folkloric Garifuna Ballet
Telemundo  Actor's  Workshop            Acting/neutral  Spanish                Adrina  Barraza
Telemundo  Actor's  Workshop                    Comedy                                        Mimi  Belt
Telemundo  Actor's  Workshop                Body  Movement                              Arnaldo  Pipke
Telemundo  Actor's  Workshop                    Voice                                          Flavio  Caballero
Black  Nexxus  Inc.                                  Scene  Study                                  Susan  Batson
Margie  Haber  Technique                        Cold  Reading                                Margie  Haber
Michael  Howard  Studios                            Movement                                    Fay  Simpson
Acting  Workshop                                    Commercial  TV                                Angie  Moltabano           
Weist-Barron  studios                      On  Camera  Scene  Study                    Michael  Leibson
Accents:    South  African,Cuban,Spanish 
Athletic:  Kickboxing,Jogging,Bike  riding 
Dance:        Belly  dace,Salsa,Merengue 
Model:        Print,Catalog,Runway
Fluent:      Neutral  Spanish  and  Garifuna