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Hannah Sobon
I got casted in a feature film in Los Angeles, playing the role of young bully girl, within my first week of signing up for NYCastings. I'm already going to be receiving IMDB credit!

Anna Tang
I booked an AT&T Commercial and test shot with a world-renowned photographer all in the first two weeks of submitting on NYCasting!

Ariona Zappaunbulso
Hi! My name is Ariona Rose! I have found several jobs through NYCastings and since joining last year I have worked on print, commercial and film projects earning me IMDb credit and representation :)

Marissa Paolella
Having just graduated from college in the pandemic filled market, I decided to trudge through the muck. I'd gathered materials, got back into training, and joined other audition services, but NYCastings pulled through for me. NYCastings makes auditioning and networking personal. And for the first time, I got real feedback from casting directors. NYCastings is interactive and has given me my first professional booking (even in this struggling market)!

Martin Pfefferkorn
I put my CastingNetworks acct on hold after the lockdown. I was going to do the same w/NYCastings, when Dianne reminded me my acct was paid up until Sep, so, really, there was NO point in doing THAT. She did give me the option TO cancel it by THEN, if there were no changes w/present situation. Luckily, I DIDN'T, because you started posting casting listings for Zoom Play readings & I got cast in my 1st INTERNATIONAL one: 'Aiding the Enemy'. It was AMAZING working w/actors frm New Zealand, Germany, & Sweden (where the Dir also was). I would never have even IMAGINED to be CONSIDERED for something like THIS, before the pandemic shut the industry down. Thank you NYCastings for ANOTHER project 'out of the box' that was NOT to be found ANYWHERE else.

Catherine Sellers
Ny castings has helped me get roles for two feature films. I got to meet and work with incredibly talented and nice people. I also got a commercial coming up in la very soon. Thanks guys! Appreciate all your help.

Jennifer Gegan
Hello! After a short hiatus I�m happy to be back with NYCastings! After submitting, I just began representation with talent agency GMT. Also had formerly booked a lead in a feature that went on to festivals nationwide as well as internationally, and won some acting awards. NYCastings is a great acting siteto find out about a lot of different auditions, thank you NYCastings!

Lauren Hoyte
Greetings NYCastings Family! I have been using NYcastings service for almost 10 years now! I want to express my gratitude for the countless auditions, bookings in commericals, print, & TV/Video/Film that I have received as a result of this incredible service! I absolutely LOVE Nycastings! I am always sharing great things about Nycastings with aspiring as well as professional actors/models! I am consistently upgrading my modeling and acting career ! I feel like a walking billboard of success stories and it's all because of Nycastings. To be completely transparent, When I first started off in the entertainment industry I was discouraged & considered myself an underdog because I was constantly overlooked by agencies and casting directors. With the ability to self submit to major castings via Nycastings, I have had the opportunity to not only be noticed but also to work with many major brands over the years. I am forever indebted to nycastings . I am beyond grateful for this service! Thank you Thank you Thank You! You have a suscriber for LIFE! NYCASTINGSIS ONE OF THE BEST CASTING SERVICES OUT THERE!---PERIOD!

Michael Nagle
Hi and thank you for allowing me to share my story. I joined NYCastings after leaving a job off-camera in the media business. I'd done very little on-camera work over the years. I went through the process and submitted my paperwork at the NYC offices and completed my online profile. Before I knew what was happening, I was cast in a recurring background role on ABC's "Quantico". Over the next two years I've shot about six commercials, four feature films, a few of the hottest episodic series on premium cable and even a music video. Honestly if NYCastings was available to me when I was younger I might have pursued a career on camera instead of staying behind the scenes. Michael Nagle 917-282-8820

Kayla Klatzkin
I've had some great bookings from here, the highlight probably being a supporting role in a thriller short called The Perfect Consumer that was a official selection in two film festivals!

Alexandra Wolf
Hello! I landed a role that ended up turning me from an out of work, NEVER hired model and actress, to an international model and actress working every week! and it led to the next job with the client that was the breakthrough role that led me down this new path, and I found it on NYcastings! I was out of college in 2014 and went from a straight size model to curvy on my own accord. I wanted to work with clients and be with agents that wanted to work with ME and with whom I was a good fit. That was a long road...flash forward 2 years and I FINALLY sign with an agency in New York, but I'm still not getting anywhere. Im not big enough for most plus jobs and far too big for anything else....until I found NYCastings, all on my own. I pushed hard for what I wanted and one day, I received a request to be in an online bra commercial with a bra brand called Glamorise sport, and of course I jumped at the chance--it didn't pay much, but It was huge to me. little did I know it would literally be the job that led to one of my highest paying campaigns to date!!! So, I shot the bra commercial, and suddenly, I just...started working. I did an infomercial, then all these clients I found through NYCastings seemed interested! fast forward about 4 or 5 months, I'm asked to come back for a personal casting--just me myself and I--with that client, Glamorise. I didn't know what to expect or what would come of it, but I went. and I landed a multi year, multi platform, ad and video campaign with them. I am SO FAR from where I started, but it all really started here with Glamorise through NYCastings. Thank you guys, for being a resource for a diverse clientele that cast legit work, and fosters connections that can REALLY jumpstart your career!!! LOVE YOU GUYS <3 check out my other work on my resume too--I model daily, was featured in refinery 29 and Elle, and ill send on the new glamorize campaign photos when I get them. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Rio Rocket
Booked! My name is Rio Rocket and I've been using NY Castings with great satisfaction for a few years now. Just recently in June I booked an amazing gig with Jack Black Skincare in which I was transported to the Catskill Mountains to film the commercial spot 'A Day in the Life: The Weekend Warrior'. I've booked several great gigs through the site however this tops my list and was a truly enriching experience. I'm looking forward to booking more and more work through the site. Reach for the stars. Thanks NY Castings! Original listing: Finished Product: Provided above. Best Regards, RIO ROCKET

Alexander Benjamin
Hello, I recently booked my first ever low budget feature film through NY Castings and I am so excited! It's a horror film and has a very compelling story which I am thrilled to be a part of. Would love to have my story showcased! Hope to hear back!

Keith Keyes
Good morning. My name is Keith Keyes. Last year around this time, I came across a casting notice on NYCastings for a web series titled 'Trouble Man Mercy'. After applying for the lead, I was contacted by the series creator and was given the role without ever having to audition. We've been shooting the first season for a year. Three episodes are now on YouTube. The director was impressed with how NYCastings provides the best way to showcase talent, which is how I was chosen. For that, I continue to use NYCastings as the best resource for finding work in this industry.

Mark McDermott
I had a great time working with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber on an upcoming Tonight Show airing! Thank you NY Castings for a great day. Also my friends are jealous as I was asked, How did you get that opportunity?

AnnaMarie Brown
AnnaMarie Brown with her pretend Grandpa...Members 1st Freedom Bank Commercial many opportunities

James Emanuele Sutera
My story may seem un believable, but coukdn’t be more TRUE. I eas cast by GRANT WILFLEY for Martin Scorsese’s latest film “The Irshman”, pur- chased by NETFLIX. for $125,00,000. I apent my first day 8’ away from Al Pacino & Robert Deniro W/Mr. Martin Scorsese on set as well. My second dream job, i Was also cast by GRANT WILFLEY, for STARZ new Mini-series “Sweet Bitter” Most recemtly i woked with Emmy winning dir. Din Wells.$ executive Producer Norman Steinberg Thank you, James Emanuele Sutera

Jmar Reid
NYCastings has been so great to me! This field is so much less intimidating because of the kind people at this organization who help new and old talents move forward with their careers. I've gone after roles against people who have already made a name for themselves, and have been treated as an equal. NYCastings is helping me make a leap into the acting world so much faster than I could have dreamt. Of course this is perfect for our careers, but it's also just so much fun. Thank you so much NYCastings!

Pance Pony
I'm a grad student in Music Technology at NYU. One afternoon, I had to decide whether I was going to attend a class that I didn't love, or show up to a random audition my friend had told me about. I chose the audition, and days later, I was cast in a recurring role on NBC's new TV show RISE! I couldn't believe my luck. I'm so honored to be a part of the production and can't wait for the show to premiere in March!

Greer Vashon
I recently booked a commercial through True Film Productions, for the Client "Wirecard" as a non-speaking hero/lead. it was a one day shoot in Philadelphia, and is currently in post production. It paid a flat $150, plus a finished copy.

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