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JD 'Dan' Herbert
Hey NYCastings fans! I recently booked a day on 'THE HAUNTING OF...' through Kuffa Casting (thanks, Kevin!)...NYCs makes it easy to submit, it's fairly-priced, and is one of the best online casting services I know. Stay positive, be prepared...and remember,you're a pro... Peace, JD Herbert

Zachary Sakowski
Zachary was discovered on NY Castings by the Casting Director for MacMillan Films. We were contacted directly and booked the job entirely based on his profile. It was an amazing experience and his first speaking role in a feature film. Bonus that the film was the Greek tragedy "Medea". How awesome is that?!?!

Alexis Samuel
Since joining NYCastings, I have booked 4 auditions, one of which I made the short list for a small role. In addition to my auditions, I was booked for a New Years Eve Event at The W Hotel Times Square which was just a fantastic experience. I am also looking forward to a role as an extra in a short film. All in all, joining NYCastings has been a rewarding and enjoyable adventure and I am excited to see what the new year brings and to expand my resume.

Emma McBride
Hello , Emma and I would like to thank NY Castings. For giving Emma great opportunities through your site.She has Booked many Feature Films, Voiceover, Print with her resume.

Rina Mejia
I booked 2 jobs back to back from your website : A role in the short film Spit and the lead role in the NY films Sleepless Thanks so much NY Castings Rina Mejia

Michael Webb
NYCastings has been such a success for me. I have been booked for a TV Pilot Series Swiperz playing as a leading role of Smash in 3 episodes. I am really blessed and all thanks to NYCastings. I have been in recent other projects such feature films and short films. I have been booked on a ATLiens Music Video project coming up in 2 weeks on 19th. All thanks to NYCastings. You guys are always my great source to success in my career.

Frances Lozada
I cast for the role of Juliette in the short film Sisters which was posted on your site. Writer/Director Sophia De Baun.

AnnaMarie Brown
AnnaMarie age 8 with Wilhelmina Kids NY featured as a model/actress is one to watch. NY Castings has given AnnaMarie a huge opportunity in the Entertainment Industry. She has been involved in a few Independent Films/ Major Films , TV programs, Commercials, Music Videos, Runway and Print Modeling...the list goes on ...At such a young age AnnaMarie has participated in various jobs, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Avon, Toys r Us, Party City, Amscan, Family Fun Magazine, Scholastic Magazine, Parson School of Fashion, Target, Dillards,Madam Secretary, Mysteries of Laura, Law and Order, Team Umi Zoomie, AT&T, Converse,Best Buy, the list goes on and keeps growing..She has truly been blessed with wonderful , memorable , events ..Most importantly is how humble she is to her Everyone is Beautiful in Gods Eyes... .

Stefanie Bloom
Hi! I just recently auditioned and booked a print/video project for the museum of modern art! Thanks NYcastings for the connection!

Martin Pfefferkorn
This ISN'T your "usual" Success Story. Unfortunately, I DON'T get THAT many jobs off site, AND YET, I would NEVER consider unsubscribing. The bookings I HAVE gotten have been some THE MOST Unusual & interesting. NYCastings is in my top sites to check daily. I can't say enough about the multiple category breakdowns (wish ALL the sites had them) & the ease of adding pix. Thanks NYCastings, for continually having my friends say "Where do you find these unusual & interesting castings?" (I DO tell them!)

Niceto Darcey Festin
I just booked a short film and an industrial. It's been a good day. Thank you NYCastings!

James Hughes
Hello my name is James and this will be a quick story. I have only been with NYCastings for two months now, and it did not take long for the jobs to start coming in. So far I have done two commercials a web series, one independent film and two TV shows. Thank you NYCastings because in a short amount of time, I have been able to build my resume.

no user
Booked a Commercial/ Print gig for a fitness/ tech kickstarter campaign as soon as I joined NYCastings!

Cassidy Rose Steinhilber
i just shot the trailer for a new book coming out in September! Its called "Blood and Salt". Thank you so much NY Castings!

Carl Taylor
Hello. My name is Carl Taylor and I just want to say how awesome NYCastings is. I only been a member for a few weeks and I already got picked for auditions this up coming weekend for a short film. I've been through a lot of casting websites and I still haven't received any responses from any directors. It's almost like a dream come true to get picked for auditions, because now I just have to do my job and get accepted for the role. So special thanks to NYCastings, you guys are the best and I look towards a bright future with you. Sincerely, Carl Taylor

Gina Priano
I just completed filming on a short film called "Psychotic Break" directed by Andrew Serban. I submitted for the role through NY Castings. This has been a wonderful opportunity for me to add to both my resume, my reel, and to show my manager that I'm working. Thank you NY Castings!

Sophia Mahmud
Hello, I just booked a role in " SLUMBER PARTY" As Mrs Crawley. I have also booked a co-star role in" A Crime to Remember. Thank you for the excellent casting notices . Sophia Mahmud.

Brennan Nicholas
Brennan Nicholas has been acting for over 7 years. He recently landed a role with History Makers Productions for their Emmy Award Winning series Philadelphia: The Great Experiment. He's done a PSA for Red Nose Day and was the Kiddie LL Cool J for a model shoot.

Christopher Rex Stone
Many thanks to NYCastings for a recent supporting role booking on an indie feature film. A wonderful resource for connecting actors to professional projects. -Christopher Rex Stone

Blue Law Martin
I'm happy to say I just received confirmation I booked my first voice over jobs from New York Casting.In addition to this I've been sought out by one of the biggest voice over casting directors in New York for training and voice over work it in the near future.Yes Im definetly going at all costs,one more stepping stone a lot of Actors forget about the voice over side of the world.The VO agent is from New York Casting registry.

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