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Sal Ardisi
My first music video, for Columbia Records artist "LEON" song "I believe in us". I submitted myself and my girlfriend and we were one of 11 couples out of 700 cast for the shoot. We shot at Rollins Studio's in Brooklyn, afternoon into the evening. Great opportunity to act out emotions ,conveyed through song! Even better to do it with my partner ,made it extra special. LEON was great ! Beautiful voice ! Anytime we are cast in anything is an honor to you. To be on a upcoming music video, that gets you a million plus views, priceless!

Alison Aulakh
I'm starring in a New Comedy Webseries that is being made off of my Comedy Company called "The Sober Life of Floppy Fish" which will be produced by Garden Empire Films!

Reisha Simpson
Good Day, My name is Reisha Simpson. I would like to say since reactivating my account with NYCastings, I have been represented by Wild Models Talent Agency as of July 31, 2017. And I auditioned for the NY Sketch Comedy Show and will be doing a second audition with them at a more opportune time for my schedule. I like using this site because it is easy and fun to navigate and the stories are uplifting and motivational. There are alot of resources and tools on this sight to help me in my acting journey.

Andrea Cordaro
My recent booking from NYCastings have included the "Tech Company - Instructional & Promo Video" where I played a Business Traveler. I also booked a "Luxury Cotton Manufacturer - Web Promotional Video". Entitled "Seriously Soft Sheet", the spot got featured on Funny or Die!

Rocco Parente Jr
Since joining NYCastings many years ago and with much patience I was very fortunate to sign with a very good bi-coastal agency ! We all know how tough it is to land an agent these days so keep the faith direct submit and don't give up on it. You guys kept me in the game especially when I did not have an agent which was so important. I want to thank everyone from NYCastings for there professionalism and also for having a great sitcom class with Richard Kline which I loved and developed many new friendships and connections. I also want to say that I am a lifetime paid in full member and will be signing my daughter up very soon as well.

AnnaMarie Brown
Big Congratulations to AnnaMarie Brown cast for Oprah's Master Class booked to play a flashback childhood scene of a Very Famous Female Singer..

Ava Englenton
submitted and was booked for Toymail - Promotional Video

Karryn Russo
Hi i was recently cast as a young classic mom for Playmeal that can be seen on Amazon. Thank you NY Castings.

Karryn Russo
Hi i was recently cast as a young classic mom for Playmeal that can be seen on Amazon. Thank you NY Castings.

Davide Petrillo
Recently, I did a webseries and film with nycastings. A director directly reach out to me to act in his 2 upcoming films starting in January 2017. Thank you nycastings for making this possible.

Hi, Guys; I have been a member for a decade or so, and love the fact that, not only can I use your site as my resum�'s homepage, but your "Agent Directory" is a great resource that facilitates easy updates with industry; no other legitimate site offers this great bonus tool. Because of your site, I was alerted to the "...Gotti" feature film, and I recently returned from 2 weeks in Cincinnati, getting to play "The Chin" in meaty scenes opposite some great actors, including going head-to-head in a one-on-one scene opposite John Travolta -- the feature film gift of my career! Thank you! Sal Rendino

Jonathan Dugue
Just wrapped up crime show on ID playing a perp. Also just finished two movies. Also did a commercial with Calvin Klein recently as well.

Donald Mohan
I recently did a video shoot for "Funny or Die" called Where's Dido in Cadman Park Plaza in Brooklyn. I wore a mask of Chris Isaak, and it was very hot under the sun. It will appear on TruTV sometime in October.

Guyvan Ismael
I been to an audition were I have to play a 12y Haitian boy that is mad with his father because he has to join a church. I feel very happy because N.Y. casting help me to Book audition. Thanks n.yc

Harri Molese
How fortunate I've been this month. Two roles as my well-known "Grandma". One for "Hack My Life"for True TV,and a commercial for "Playmonster," an exciting new up and coming game. I'm so very thankful to the CD's and to my good friend and long-time Agent, Peter Coe Harri Molese

Crystal Tweed
So! I have been a member of NYC since November of 2015. I was lucky enough to book a 2 day job the following month so needless to say I was feeling pretty good about myself and my profile. Then it went dry. Submission after submission I replied to castings and a big fat NOTHING!! 1 thing that is captioned on NYC when you submit is to make your short bio or reply personal to each submission. Now I had seen this tons of times and ignored it. So a few weeks ago I decided to take heed to this advice of personalization. I replied to a casting for a commercial with a bubbly personality and a new headshot and Bam! The next day I got a phone call and I booked that very same commercial. Not only did I book it, the young lady on the phone told me that casting absolutely loved my submission! So there you have it. Like a slow moving browser, sometimes you might need to refresh your page :)

Michael Webb
NYCastings has been a major success in my career. I have been booked for a staged play called Ubu Rex that i will be performing in september to early october. I also been booked for a Billy on the street Funny or Die comedy skit recently and we'll be shooting that tomorrow on wednesday and i also been booked for a Web Series called Brothers On The Phone where i am playing as Bradley in one of the webisodes. I just got a email from an agency called Righteous Talent where they represent actors , models , dancers , singers etc. NYCastings you guys are THE #1 Source to all the opportunities out there and also to agencies that i can always look into be represented with.Thank you soo much for advancing my career. You are always I MEAN ALWAYS my #1 source to success.

Gabrielle Fequiere
I just booked a National Commercial for TJ Maxx. I am also their new Cover Girl and featured on the front page of their website. It airs on Prime Time Television on almost every major channel. You can see it during Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, VH1 hit the floor, HGTV, and more.

Bill Rapp
Recently was seen, during ratings week on ABC-TV's "What Would You Do?" as an Alzheimer's patient being mistreated by his nurse/care giver. My segment was run first, & therefore was the "hook" in industry parlance. It can be viewed on my web site:

Zach Nading
Hi I'm Zach, I recently booked Featured work on an Above Average Comedy sketch. Above Average Comedy was founded by the creators of SNL, The Tonight Show, etc... I heard back right away and filmed within a week. It was an awesome experience and NYCastings worked as a great facilitator. -Zach

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