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Barry is a 35 year veteran of commercial casting, and owner of the legendary Herman & Lipson Casting. He’s cast THOUSANDS of commercials from top brands worldwide such as: OLIVE GARDEN, GOOGLE, TACO BELL, COKE, PEPSI, SPRITE, McDONALD’S, BURGER KING, HOT POCKETS, NFL, REVLON, MILLER BEER, VOLKSWAGEN & BAYER, PEPSI, J.G. WENTWORTH, CHASE, VERIZON, FORD, NEW YORK RANGERS, and numbers […]
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Ever wanted to produce a play, solo show, performance, or a musical in New York City but you just aren’t sure how to do it, and/or you have a ZERO budget? We will teach you EVERY aspect of non-union, low budget, high quality theatrical self production at our interactive, intensive one day workshop! This 5-hour workshop […]

Comedy is all about: set-up, punch, rhythm and most of all; timing! Learn these key tools that will teach you how to audition and work in TV Sitcoms, by learning from the legendary sitcom Star, Richard Kline. Richard is best know for his role as Jack Tripper’s best friend, as the warm hearted, yet sleazy used car salesmen, […]

THE ORIGINAL ONLINE AUDITIONING MASTER CLASS THAT WORKING ACTORS SWEAR BY This is NOT an acting class. This AMAZING online Masterclass with seasoned Casting Director, Ken Lazer is getting a lot of positive attention! Ken is an awesome Casting Director and teacher. These PROVEN TECHNIQUES will help increase your callback and booking ratio* with all types […]
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In this 90 minute call via phone or Skype, we will address what your talents are, where you’re at right now, and how to get you working.  The very first steps you take when starting a show business career are crucial, because in an instant, the first impression you make can very well be your last.  Yes, that fast.  The […]
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