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A 30 year veteran of Commercial Casting, Barry Shapiro is the owner of the legendary Herman & Lipson Casting. He has cast THOUSANDS of commercials from the top brands worldwide like: GOOGLE, TACO BELL, McDONALD’S, NFL, REVLON, MILLER BEER, VOLKSWAGEN & BAYER, PEPSI, CHASE, VERIZON, FORD, NEW YORK RANGERS.  … Every aspect of the commercial business is discussed and […]
NYCastings Commercial Talent Showcase

An Action Packed night to showcase your talent in front of Agents & Managers who are looking for new Commercial Talent. Maybe they are looking for you!  So! Make a memorable impression, get signed, and start getting into those BIG auditions! … This is On-Camera and performances are recorded and sent out to Talent & Agents! … The […]

In this one night TV/FILM Intensive, you will work on camera, on sides with a reader, while you showcase your TV or Film scene twice for Caroline. After your first take, Caroline will provide feedback to help coach you.  So, be ready to take adjustments on the fly because you will perform a second time, so […]

First! A brief Intro and Q&A from our panel and discussion on how the Film & TV acting business works. Then, you will be given the opportunity to showcase your Legit Monologue or legit scene. Our panel of 5 Top Reps will provide feedback and adjustments after your first read. You will then have the chance to show them how well you take direction and […]
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This One-on-One Acting Career Consultation is where you start when you don’t know where to start! The first steps you take when starting a show business career are the most important ones. In this 90 min. Call (Phone or Skype), we will address What your Talents are, Where you’re at now, and How to get Working. This consultation will shave off […]
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