DirectSubmit Instructions for Client Dashboards

Acting Terms for Aspiring Actors

How to use the Casting Dashboard

1. When the Talent submits to a role you will see them under the NEW list. If nobody has submitted that role, it will not show yet. If they have, just click the number to start reviewing the talent.
2. You can view the talent’s Full Profile (Credits, Special Skills, Training, Photos & Reels), Cover Note, Self-Taped Video from the buttons below their photos. If they have included these items the according button will show to let you know what they have sent.
 Profile    Message Talent    Has Videos     Cover Note     Add to Favorites
    Requested Video   Block Talent

3. When Talent has submitted to the roles and you’re looking through them you have sorting options A, B, C, X & Block. Click the appropriate button below the talent picture to put them in groups for contact or to weed them out. The Block button will hide them from view for all future projects. If you assign talent to the A, B or C list, you then have the option to email them all at once or view them on a Printable Phone # sheet if you want to call them quickly.
4. If you want to contact them through our Messaging System, just click the Blue Chat Icon, and you can send them a direct message and even include files such as: Scripts/Sides, Contracts and Call Sheets when booked. You can also have them send you Self-Taped Audition Videos, Snapshots & Photos, and Signed Contacts.
5. You have the ability to Search our Database for Talent to find talent in our database that has not submitted and Share the Casting Notice to get more submissions. You can share the casting notice to your email list or social media as you like.
6. You have the ability to Share Casting Dashboard with other members from the production team to view and sort the talent. Just click the Share with Team link and the shareable Casting Dashboard page will pop up in a new window. Click the COPY PAGE LINK in the top right of the page to share the link to the page by email or any other way your team uses.
NOTE on Sharing Dashboards: The shareable page has fewer features, so it just lets the team view the resumes and make selects, but does not let other team members contact the talent. Only the Account holder can do the contacting.