How do I renew my account?
If you paid by c.c. just go to the Billing link at the footer of any page on this site and click the Renew Account link and fill out the forms. You can also call our billing extension and renew by phone. If you paid by check you can mail a check or money order to us at our billing address. You can also come to our office to renew.

How do I cancel my account?
If you wish to cancel your account, either temporarily or permanently, simply login to your account (make sure you enter your Username and Password case sensitive), then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Billing. You will then see the option to Cancel. Just click on it and follow the steps listed.

What happens when my subscription ends?
If you have our regular monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions that you paid for through our automated credit card system, your subscription will automatically renew until you cancel or until your credit card fails when it is tried.

If you have our Holiday Special, your subscription may either expire as of your ending date or it will automatically renew if you selected that option (an option we just made available in 2010).

If you have paid for your subscription by cash, check or money order, your subscription will expire as of your ending date. You will be sent an email asking if you wish to renew prior to your expiration date.

Oooops, I forgot I had an account and I’ve been getting billed
If you have forgotten that you had an NYCastings account and realize that you have been getting billed, you can call us to cancel your subscription and issue you a refund of your most current charge (provided that you have not made any submissions during the most recent billing cycle). Please remember that it is your responsibility to check your credit card statement each month.

Do I need to create a new account if I have an expired account?
If you have an expired account, you do not need to create a new account. You can simply renew your old account. To renew your old account, please login to your account (make sure you enter your Username and Password case sensitive). When you attempt to login, you will get the following message: “Oops! It appears the User ID and Password that you’ve entered are not registered with our system.” When you get this message, just scroll down on that page and go to Option 3. Please click on this option and follow the steps to renew your account.

Can I change my subscription plan at any time?
Yes, you can change your subscription plan at any time. You must call us at 212.812.1441, ext. 2, and we will make the change for you.

How can I delete my account?
If you would like your account permanently deleted, call us and we can do this.

What are the different ways to register with NYCastings?
You can register online now on the Register page, you can call us and do it over the phone, you can do it by mail, or you can come to our office M-F 10-5pm.

I can’t log in
There can be a few different reasons for this. The first is that you may not have actually created an account yet. If this is the case go to the Registration page and create a new account. If you have an account already, it may be a case that your current subscription to the site has run out. If so you can go to the Billing page and renew or call our billing dept. to see what other options are available. Often we find people think they are members and it turns out they’re confusing this site with another, so please double check for any confirmation emails or documents you may have before calling us.


Am I guaranteed work from this service?
As anyone will tell you, there are no guarantees in the entertainment business, and in no way does NYCastings guarantee work, but we try our best to connect you the talent with productions happening in the area. In the end this is a self submission service, where the talent communicates directly with casting or the production company. So success is mostly in the hands of the talent themselves.

How do I get the most use of this service?
To get the most use of this service, you shouldProfile page be checking the casting notices everyday as well as have the Notification Preferences filled out so jobs that fit you are sent to you immediately, followed by a fast response from you. You should only submit to roles or projects that are a close match to you. You do not want to waste Casting Directors time by submitting to projects that are not looking for your type, as casting will remember you for good or bad equally.

How do I Direct Submit myself to Casting Notices?
After you have created your profile and uploaded at least 1 head shot, you can then easily submit to the roles listed in the Casting Notices. As for the Agents Directory, just Click on the Direct Submit button on any agency that has selected to use it. Remember, you can only start Submitting after your profile is complete and you have 1 photo uploaded.

Can I add other family members or people to my account?
This site is set up for only 1 talent resume page per person. While it’s possible to add family members or friends photos to your page this is not a good idea because there is no resume information listed about that person, which is what the casting director will be looking for after they see the photo. This is confusing all the way around, so If a friend or family member wants to be in show business like you, just have them make their own page. It’ll work out so much better.

How do I know this services is legit?
You can start by looking at our Talent Tour page which will briefly explain our history, how we work with talent and list hundreds of past productions we’ve helped with, then you can read through our Recent Bookings page and see hundreds success stories sent in from the actors who use NYCastings. If you’re currently auditioning, you’ll probably see them at auditions. You might also ask around, as we’ve been around 15 years now.

How are you different from other Casting Services?
What will separate one casting service from another will mainly be the production clients they work with. This would be similar to how one talent agency will differ from another. There will also be website function differences. While no single company can have everything, many actors & models will use several services to make sure they cover the most possibilities for work.

What if I’m not getting called by Casting or What can I do to improve my chances of getting called for auditions?
In the performing arts business, getting the calls for the auditions is the challenge. The amount of people who want the work far outweighs the jobs available. So what you can do with NYCastings is present yourself as best as possible, with great head-shots, if you have any type of Video and Audio reels have them uploaded. Have your resume credits, training & special skills all properly  listed. If all these things are the best they can be, writing good cover notes when you submit is very important, as many casting directors and actors will mention. Having a New York phone number is also important, as people that live out of the immediate area have a harder time getting to auditions and on set. In the end the talent must always keep track of what has worked in the past and what has not. Repeat the things that work, and try changing things (like your head shot) if something isn’t working. If your out of ideas, call us and we can help.

How does a Casting Director contact me for an audition?
If the Casting Director or Agent wants to contact you, they will either call you directly, or they will send you email through the NYCastings site, which will show up in your Inbox and should also be FWD’d to your personal email.


How can I send my NYCastings resume to other people?
On the My Account page there is a link to the Send My Resume page. Just fill out the form and your resume with cover letter will be sent. You can also use your Speed link (NYCastings.com/YourName) that is created on your Profile page. You can just email that link to them directly. And you can also share that link on places like facebook, Twitter, etc.

I can’t get my Photos, Video or Audio Reels to load…
While our software is made to accommodate many formats, anything you upload will need to meet the basic specs listed on the 3 different upload pages (photos, video, audio). If you don’t understand the tech talk, just show the specs to any tech wiz that is in your reach or you can call us for assistance as well.

My photos, Video or Audio reels are not showing or playing correctly
This is usually due to varying format standards from different companies. Just refer to our recommendations on the upload pages and try to use the specs listed. If all else fails call our tech help line.

I can’t submit to a Casting Notice or to Agents Directory listing
If you cannot do a Direct Submission it’s usually because your profile has not been filled out or you do not have a photo uploaded.

I’ve signed up for the email list, email notifications, text notifications but not getting the messages
To troubleshoot email issues, first check to see if the email address you typed in is correct. Second, check the SPAM folder in your inbox, as mail will often end up there. You will also want to make sure our email addresses are added to to your email providers safelist. If the problem persists call us immediately.