Content Creators Affiliate Partners Program

NY Casting Directors

Content Creators Affiliate Partners Program

If you’re a busy Casting Director or Content Creator, we’re building new things to save you money, make you money and give you a more personalized system for casting and scouting.

If you’re not familiar with NYCastings / DirectSubmit, we’re known for our nationwide database of On-Camera talent – Actors, Models, Dancers, Singers & VO Artists. We’re also casting content partners with IMDbPro, giving us a new and larger reach into the talent community.

Here are a few offerings for our Affiliate Creators: 

Review Resumes & Self-Taped Monologues, Scout for New Talent, Post Casting Notices & Write Expert Advice Articles.

Our newest offering is an innovative program, that lets the content creators share in the revenues generated at NYCastings / DirectSubmit. Get $10-$25 for new customer Joins PLUS Monthly Residuals of $2-$25 for the life of that customer. This is non-exclusive and affiliates are not required to do anything special. The more you use our system the better it works.

Reviewing Resume & Self-Taped Monologue Readings – We need help getting newer talent up to speed sometimes. If you’re an acting expert, you can review the talent’s resume, reels & monologues and provide fixes, updates and performance critique. (Limited Supply)

Post a Casting Notice – Just post a notice when you are casting. As submissions come in you have a variety of Sorting Options, file sharing features, and the ability to Share Selects with Directors, producers and other casting team members for their input. It works the same as it always has.

– Scouting New Talent – Just post a notice for what you’re looking for and when talent submits that you like, click the Heart Icon below their photo and they will be added to your personal database.

Expert Advice Articles – If you would like to write or produce a podcast or video advice series, we pay $50 per usable Advice Content.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Affiliate Partners Program, please send an email to: