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Background Inc.
Casts For: Commercials / Industrials / Background / Music Videos / Commercial Print

Background Inc. opened its doors in 2000 and has become the busiest commercial extras casting company on the East Coast. We are now excited to let you know that we are casting extras in Los Angeles too! We cast union and non-union projects, large and small. Specializing in commercials, we also cast industrials, music videos, print and promos. We take pride in being fast and being very detailed and it doesn’t matter if the job is very large or very small, every project receives the same excellent service. If you need stand-ins, little people, mimes, clowns, drag queens, sports teams, or other specialty talent, we have you covered.  We have cast hundreds of extras dancing over the Brooklyn Bridge at 5:00 a.m. to celebrity stand-ins. Background Inc. is also proud to be a certified Woman Owned Business.