Industry Interviews

Industry Interviews

Ashley Dulaney. Photo Credit: Stephanie Girard

Hello, Ashley Dulaney! She stars as Margo in Lifetime’s Sister Wife Murder which premieres on July 13. Readers, here’s a quick plot description since we go into detail about the movie: Sister Wife ...
Mirandas Victim - Mireille Enos, Abigail Breslin, Emily Van Camp

Michelle Danner stands out in a league of her own, boasting a multifaceted career as a performer, teacher, storyteller, entrepreneur, and expert. As the legendary acting teacher and founder of ...
Neb Chupin. Photo by Hrvoje Serdar.

Zurin Villanueva as Tina Turner.

Michael D. Cohen and Cooper Barnes

Anissa Felix. Photo Credit: Austin Morales

James Price - The Acting Studio - New York

Aidan Wojtak-Hissong. Photo by Paula Tizzard.


Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut. Photo Courtesy of Viacom & CBS.

Simms May. Photo by Kenneth Dolin.

Amari Alexis Price. Photo by Doreen Stone.

Christian Convery in Sweet Tooth

Broadway's Alex Wyse of Good Night, Oscar. Photo Credit: Tyler Gustin.

Shomari Love in Homicide City

Grant Hall. Photo Credit Audrey Slinger.

Hayley Sales. Photo Credit: George Holz

Brendan Fraiser



Babylon’s Telvin Griffin



Tom Cruise and Miles Teller

Oscar Isaac in Dune

Patrika Darbo. Photo credit Russell Baer.

Emily Ruhl. Photo by Martina Tolot Moroder

Eric Chastain (Eric Ladin) in Columbia Pictures' WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING.

Hidden Canyons - Brant Rotnem

Jophielle Love

Kevin Mambo. Photo by Andre Blake.

Stuntman Matt Berberi

Morgan Dudley as Frankie and Adi Roy as Phoenix in Jagged Little Pill. Photo by Matthew Murphy.

Karen Obilom. Photo by Rell Rugely

Muretta Moss. Photo by Stacey Bode Photographer. Hair and Makeup: Jennifer Nieman

Maryam Basir in Lace.   Courtesy of

Kian Talan in NCIS: Hawai’i. Courtesy of CBS.

Kola Bokinni in Ted Lasso

Misha Osherovich - The GIrl in the Woods - Photo by Scott Green - Courtesy of Peacock

Roger Dorman. Photo by Mitch Rose of Roses Reelz

Sydney Mikayla. Photo by Tim Schaeffer. Hair and Make-Up by Alie Fleck

Casting Directors Krisha Bullock and Jamie Snow at the Heller Awards in 2020. Photo credit Willy Sanjuan and Jessica Sherman

DestinationCasting on DirectSubmit

Nicholas Alexander Chavez. Photo Courtesy of ABC


Rosie Day - Photo by Faye Thomas

Ewan Horrocks

DirectSubmit Advice From The Experts

Pyper Braun. Photos by Brandin Shaeffer.

Connie Giordano. Photo by Ken Volpe.

Jesse Kove. Photo Credit Jake Isham

Bonafide & Emerging Artists

Marc Singer

Raechelle Banno Photo by Mollie Rose

Reggie Lee. Photo: Tina Thorpe/2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Amy Manson in HBO's The Nevers. Photo Credit HBO / Keith Bernstein

Aadila Dosani. Photo Credit Farrah Aviva.

Andrene Ward-Hammond. Photo by Wesley Volcy.

Han Soto. Photo by Josh Stringer.

Aliyah O'Brien - Photographer: Kristine Cofsky, Stylist: Jaralin Detienne, Hair and Makeup: Swank Makeup Artistry

Zoë Tapper. Photo by Jon Holloway.

Griffin Santopietro of Netflix's Cobra Kai

Photo by Sheri Angeles, Hair: DaRico Jackson, Makeup: Shannon Pezzetta,
Stylist: Lisa Marie Cameron, Asst stylist: Anna Lownes

Dedee Pfeiffer. Photo courtesy of  ABC / Kharen Hill

Jordan Kristine Seamón. Photo by Yannis Drakoulidis / HBO

Richard Lawson

Sarah Douglas as Ursa in Superman II

Madison Taylor Baez in Netflix's Selena: The Series

Ellen Hollman. Photo courtesy of Global Digital Releasing. Bjoern Kommerell

Actor and Comedian Matty Cardarople

Cassie and Sabrina Glow - Kid Voiceover Artists

Diane Franklin Amityville II The Possession

Photo by Mellins Photography

Ashley Ganger of Netflix's Grand Army

Big Dogs TV Series

Kids Talent Agencies - DirectSubmit

THE BLACKLIST's Laila Robins as Katarina Rostova. Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Zach Avery

Talent Agency Actors

Photo Courtesy of Terry Berland

the krasny office

Rose Rosen Casting

Richard Jordan Casting

Kevin Kennison Casting

Jaimie beebe casting

Donna Morong-DirectSubmit

Jym Benzing Casting

BMG Models

Gregg Daniel in For Life

DDO Artists Agency

RJ Mitte Photo by Bobby Quillard

Lidya Jewett and Retta in Good Girls

The Big Show Show with Paul Wight, Allison Munn, Reylynn Caster, Lily Brooks O'Briant and Juliet Donenfeld

Ask an Agent book cover - Jason Lockhart

Neil Jackson Photo By Bernardo Doral

Raphael Sbarge Photo By Cameron Postforoosh

Shadow  Casting

Photo by Russll Baer

Jessica Frances Dukes_Feature

Phillip Lewitski Photo by Benjo Arwas

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