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Cocaine Bear and Sweet Tooth’s Christian Convery Opens Up About Child Acting

Welcome to our interview with the talented young actor, Christian Convery, who has captured hearts and minds with his exceptional performances in the hit Netflix series, Sweet Tooth and blockbuster film Cocaine Bear. At such a young age, Christian has already established himself as a rising star in the entertainment industry, leaving a lasting impression on audiences around the globe.

Christian shares his insights on navigating the complex world of the acting while maintaining a balance between his blossoming career and a normal childhood.

Christian Convery also opens up about his passion for acting and his aspirations for the future.

Christian Convery
Christian Convery

Even though you’re only 13 years old, you’ve been acting for a very long time. How did you get started in show business? What age were you when you started going on auditions and booking work?

I’ve been acting for over 7-1/2 years, which is pretty crazy! I took acting classes from ages 4-6, and my mom and I decided I should try getting an agent. Once I received my first audition, I booked it! (the movie is called Hearts of Spring, and it was directed by Marita Grabiak). That’s when my professional acting career started.

You play the deer-boy hybrid Gus on Warner Bros. Television’s DC fantasy series Sweet Tooth, currently on Netflix. What was your first impression when you found out you’d be playing part human, part animal? What type of movie magic did you get to witness?

It was pretty crazy knowing I was going to play a lead role on a Netflix show called Sweet Tooth. I was ready to take on the challenge of playing Gus, and I was so excited to start my research on deers! There was lots of movie magic that was completely new to me (e.g Gus’ ears/antlers).

Tell us about your audition for Sweet Tooth.

Before anything, I’d like to say that the process was so insane to actually get hired. I had to do a self-tape because the auditions were in America. I did many callbacks (including Zoom, flying to LA many times, etc). I ended up doing around eight auditions / callbacks. This was because I was eight years old at the time, and many streaming companies (for stereotypical reasons) didn’t want an eight year old to be the lead of a big show. We finally heard we got it after a birthday and New Year’s Day had passed. Thanks, Jim Mickle for believing in me!

You were born in Los Angeles and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. What prompted you to move to BC? Or did your parents already live in BC and for some reason, they just happened to be in LA when you were born? Do you have dual citizenship?

We moved to BC when I was around two years old because I had family that lived there, and I had never met them. We ended up loving it and staying! I do have dual citizenship, which can be a lifesaver at times, as many projects take place in America.

At what point in your career did you decide to get an agent? How did you find your agent?

Just like in question one, I got my first agent when I was six years old. To go into more depth, I don’t remember, (seven years ago). I believe we applied to many local agencies to establish a base. There were rejections, and after not accepting no for an answer, I finally ended up getting accepted with an agent who saw my potential and who believed in me! Within the first week of signing on with the agency, the agent sent me on my first audition which was a self-tape (not the norm back then), but I was on vacation in a different country, so I did the self-tape and miraculously landed the job! A year later, at seven years old, I flew to Los Angeles to meet with three talent agencies that my Canadian Talent Agent set up. I recall the meetings went well, and the agencies were great, however, it was their approach when speaking to my mother and me that was really different. One agent stood out with whom we felt most suited our personalities. This was important to me and still is. You need to make sure you choose to go with an agency and agent you feel most comfortable with. Trial and error, perseverance, and a lot of patience! My attitude has always been to “never give up, push yourself always, and continuously work on your craft – even when you don’t want to or you get the feeling you’re just never booking.” Remember, you audition to learn how to audition!

You play Henry in the 2023 comedy horror film Cocaine Bear. What’s the difference between working on a big movie set vs. a Netflix show?

I personally feel that big movies are just as fun as working on TV shows, although TV shows can be more taxing because they typically have longer shoots. But don’t get me wrong, the more you work, the more fun it gets!

NYCastings-Cocaine-Bear-and-Sweet-Tooth-Christian-Convery-Opens-Up-About-Child-Acting-ClimbingYour work schedule seems quite full. How does your family juggle life?

My mom is my manager, and she goes with me everywhere! So basically, my Mom and I, and my entire team all work together! It’s very fun.

Let’s talk about school. Did you ever attend pre-school, elementary school or middle school in a public setting? Or are you home schooled? Either way, what’s the rule when you’re on set regarding school?

I went to in-person school from PreK – Grade 4. I then skipped Grade 5 and transitioned to online. I have been online ever since (I’m going into Grade 10 this year). Being online gives me so much more flexibility than being in a traditional in-person school. So, if you want to become an actor, I highly recommend it. In addition, when I’m working on set, I also get a tutor to assist me in my school work, so it’s really helpful.

Now that you’re a teenager, what thoughts have you had about your future?

I’ll never quit acting – it’s my life! I love all sports, travelling, exploring, and discovering. Although I would like to go to university and major in finance / economics to start a business or many businesses!

To YOU, this is your normal childhood, but to others, you do not have a normal childhood. How do you respond to people who think you’re being exploited?

I’m not being exploited in any way! Acting is my passion and it’s truly my favorite thing. With acting there are so many amazing opportunities. I get to research and learn something new every day. I was fortunate to do stunt training, and I have had the opportunity to make amazing friends around the world. I’ve worked in countries like New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, and in the US and Canada! I will tell you though, that being an actor is not glamorous nor easy. You have to work extremely hard, there are a lot of expectations, juggling school with many long hours but at the end of the day, it’s the experiences you receive and the ability to share them with is what is the most rewarding.

What advice do you have for kids who want to become involved in show business?

It takes LOTS of time, REPETITION, and PRACTICE! It may seem like you aren’t getting anywhere but the more you do auditions, the better you become. What I said may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked as a “whatever” thing.

NYCastings-Cocaine-Bear-and-Sweet-Tooth-Christian-Convery-Opens-Up-About-Child-Acting-Riding-WavesAnything else you’d like to say?

I hope that no matter who you are, that you are having a wonderful day, and if you are an aspiring actor, I believe in you! And most importantly, believe in yourself! Only you can manifest what you want in life. Go get it! Go after it! And never stop! Thanks to my team and NYCastings for this opportunity to speak with you! Peace :)

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