“A Little Princess” – Kid Female – Dramatic

“I don’t have a mother” From the Film “A Little Princess.” Sara talks about her deceased mother. Dramatic Monologue For Kid Female. 1 Min.

Written by: Richard LaGravenese and Elizabeth Chandler

SARA: I don’t have a mother either… she’s in heaven with my baby sister… But that doesn’t mean I can’t talk to her, I talk to her all the time… I tell her everything and I know she hears me because… because that’s what angels do. My mom is an angel and yours is too. With beautiful satin wings, a silk dress, and a crown of baby rosebuds, and they all live together in a castle. And do you know what it’s made out of? Sunflowers. Hundreds of them, so bright they shine like the sun. And when they want to go anywhere they just whistle, like this…(whistles) and a cloud swoops down to the front gate and picks them up and as they ride through the air, over the moon and through the stars… until they are hovering right above us, that’s how they can look down and make sure we’re all right. And sometimes they even send messages. Of course you can’t hear them with all the noise you were making… but don’t worry they’ll always try again… just in case you missed them.

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